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Niro Ceramic Group

Niro Ceramic Group

Over our 40 years of history, Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group has come to be known for our commitment to excellent quality and inspiring designs. The Niro Ceramic Group is an international presence with a network spanning over 100 countries and serves as the point of contact for our partners and stakeholders.

Niro Ceramic Group offers a variety of products, from porcelain and ceramic tiles under the brand names of Niro Granite, Zirconio, and Portino to glass mosaics by Muzze Da as well as bathroom sanitaryware by Orin. The company started as a pioneer in the tile industry producing homogeneous tiles in Switzerland in 1979. The rapid growth in the Asian markets has led to the establishment of Niro Ceramic Malaysia in 1988 which later expanded to Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Spain, India, and the Philippines.

Over the years, Niro Ceramic Group has succeeded in preserving the Swiss heritage of always delivering high-quality products and services to customers. In the recent development, Niro Ceramic Group has recognised the challenges faced by homeowners when shopping for materials in a traditional showroom and has revolutionised the concept with its innovative showroom, Creative Lab – a digitalised concept of providing customers with their dream home designs in 3D before making their purchase.

The corporate website acts as the hub of key information and resources on Niro Ceramic Group — which include operation updates, organisational charts, latest corporate news, press releases, and news on upcoming ESG commitments by the group. For corporate info, visit www.niroceramic.com.

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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