Ben Firdaus Azraai’s Guide to a Perfect Home 

Amidst all the noise and chaos of modern life, Ben Firdaus Azraai has found a refuge in minimalist décor – with a neutral shade acting as the base, the other elements of the space, from the furniture to other household accessories, can stand out more.

Ben Firdaus Azraai’s three words to describe his home are: “cozy”, “minimal”, and “anomaly”. The anomaly refers to an element of the unexpected: for instance, a mustard highlight amongst the mostly white surroundings, an avant-garde statement piece amidst a minimalist environment, or a big round mirror that works to tie everything together. 

Here are Ben Firdaus Azraai’s three tips to designing a perfect home: 

Ben Firdaus Azraai’s Perfect Home Tip #1: Pay Attention to the Entrance 

Entrances should either wow or welcome your guests – if your entrance isn’t luxurious, it should at least be welcoming. For his office, Ben Firdaus Azraai took to repainting everything from the walls, the ceiling, and even the steps leading up to its door all in white – all to imbue his entrance with the “wow” factor. 

Ben Firdaus Azraai’s Perfect Home Tip #2: Design with Music 

Auditory inspiration is as important as any visual inspiration when Ben Firdaus Azraai gets to dreaming and designing his projects. For instance, if his current project draws inspiration from the ambience of a desert oasis, his playlist would comprise of Arabian or desertscape-inspired tracks to set the mood as he works.  

Ben Firdaus Azraai’s Perfect Home Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Explore New Designs 

While the trend of the 2020’s is to go Japandi or Zen, Ben Firdaus Azraai emphasises that only you can set the rules for your own home. In the past, only the select few would have the budget to hire design consultants to design their dream space, but today, inspiration is available on Pinterest, Google, YouTube, and even Netflix to find the look that uniquely represents you and your lifestyle. So keep exploring and be creative! 

Start designing your perfect home with Niro Granite’s All-in-One Catalogue. 



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