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15 Ideas for Styling Your Wall

15 Ideas for Styling Your Wall

Tired of facing a blank, empty wall? With an investment of a couple of hours over the weekend, you could transform it into something that you can look upon with a smile. Here are 15 of our ideas on how you can decorate your wall:

a photo wall

1. Create memory lane with a gallery wall

Precious memories are meant to be treasured, and what better way than to fill an empty wall with them? Whether it’s people you love or places you’ve been, a gallery wall is sure to put you in the right mood.

2. Flex your green thumb with pocket plants

How about something to fit into a more biophilic space? It takes minimal work to install a couple of hooks or ledges that you can then place pocket plants on, adding some liveliness to your space.

plants in hexagonal wall frames
hanging book shelves

3. Start a mini library with book shelves

For the bookworms among us, there’s no struggle like finding space to store all your books. So why not start a mini library? It helps keep your favourite titles within easy reach, and could also be a great conversation-starter.

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4. Style up with a full-length mirror

When it comes to wall decorations, a full-length mirror is one that doubles as a fully functional tool. Besides giving you a handy spot to check how you look, a mirror also helps to amplify available light and the sense of space, especially when paired with floor tiles like Estilo Plus.

a large full length mirror
a series of 3 wall mounted storage shelves

5. Create handy storage spaces for your stuff

Tidying up is basically sorting all your irregular-shaped belongings into regular-shaped containers. A couple of wall-mounted storage spaces could be just what you need to tie the whole place together neatly.

6. Get creative with mosaic tiles

If you have a creative soul, you could even try turning your entire wall into an art installation using mosaic tiles, which have the benefit of being splash-proof and easy to clean. Also check out 7 Interesting Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles.

a strip of mosaic tiles over a couch
a canvas hanging over a bed

7. Soften down with fabrics

The benefit of hanging up fabrics is that they can sport any design you can print on them, and you can go as big as you’d like. Plus, there tends to be a lot of noise in your space, fabrics can also help dampen the sound and reduce echoes.

8. Pop out with 3D art

No one ever said that wall stylings have to be two-dimensional only, so go ahead and mount your 3D art pieces up too! For subtler 3D textures, try on S. Thomas for size.

a patterned wall
a woman hanging up a wall calendar

9. Get organised with a supersized wall calendar

Instead of having to reach for your phone or planner when you need to check your dates, why not go big with a wall calendar? Especially useful for office rooms, the added space is convenient for adding notes and jotting down important details, such as meeting times.

10. Enhance your space with an accent wall

If your space doesn’t already have one, an accent wall might be the best thing you can add to it. Not only does it look amazing, it also helps to make everything around it look good by association.

an accent wall comprised of greenery
a white brick wall in a bathroom with patterned tiles over it

11. Get funky with a patterned wall

For when you’d prefer to leave your wall as a wall, it can still be made interesting with some colour and patterns. For us, we love Muse for its interesting blend of patterns and visual texture!

12. Amaze and astonish with big tiles

You can really go all in on the wow factor by dressing up your wall in tiles large enough to stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Check out Vogue Grande for tiles on a scale that will leave you breathless.

white big slab tiles behind a tv
a lighting strip over a couch

13. Light up your life with additional lighting

Proper accent lighting can do wonders for the whole look and feel of your space. From wall-mounted lamps to fairy lights, they not only help illuminate the dark but can even set the tone for you. Read more on defining and refining your living spaces through lighting.

14. Go big on art

Sometimes, size does matter – a well-framed art piece mounted on your wall could very well define your space with minimal work needed on your part.

large art pieces hanging on a dark wall
wooden tiles laid diagonally on a bedroom wall

15. Create textures with interesting tile laying patterns

To save on space while still creating interesting texture, you could experiment with interesting tile laying patterns that are subtle, yet make a huge difference in how your space feels.

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