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Wood Inspirations

Tiles Inspired By Natural Wood

Wood in interior home design relates to natural elements or being close to mother-nature or just simply a timeless charm in space design. Research shows that incorporating natural elements into the home has had a role in reducing stress and increasing productivity and creativity. Wood designs have made it to the top of the list in year 2020 onwards with the tiles being used on kitchen cabinet islands, feature walls, furniture and flooring.

With technology and modern production techniques, the look and feel of natural wood flooring are now replicated on tiles to the finest detail. The wood colour, patterns and texture on tiles are extremely close to those of natural wood that there is almost no differentiation. From pine wood to dark timber wood, the various colours and shades of wood tiles are produced to best fit into any home design ideas.

Check out why wood tiles are the preferred choice of flooring.

Wood Tiles Flooring

There are various ways of incorporating wood tiles as a flooring option. Wood tiles are normally cut into long pieces to resemble natural wood planks. Because of their rectangular shape, many floor design ideas can be created for various living spaces. Here are the top 3 ideas using wood tiles:

The Herringbone and Hexagon

This is a mixture of different shades of wood tiles placed diagonally. The Herringbone tile layout is a good way to showcase your creativity due to its various colours, sizes and orientation options. In the public eye, this is one of the most popular tile layout design.

Is Herringbone tile pattern suitable for your space?

Wood Themed Bathrooms

Natural wood planks, plywood or solid hardwood may not be best choices in wet spaces of a home due to its ability to absorb water. With wood designed tiles, bathrooms or humid spaces can now be wood-themed. The colour and surface structure resembles real wood and they are virtually immuned to damage from moisture and water.

Check out Softwood or Timbre-Land for styles that look great in bathrooms!

Wood Tiles in Commercial Establishments

Many restaurants and stores are heading towards the natural-look. Incorporating wood as the flooring option brings in the warmth and relaxing atmosphere that many of your customers are seeking after. Besides being easy-to-clean, the wood tiles are durable and can withstand high traffic making it suitable for cafes and restaurants.

Our Zirconio Krea series that features three different wood grain designs is just perfect for a quaint cafe.

Looking for more wood inspired designs?

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