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Top 4 Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Top 4 Design Ideas for Small Spaces

We have written before on how to make the best of small bathrooms, but this time, we’re discussing the topic of small spaces in general. Read on for our top 4 design ideas for small spaces.

Go Big Where It Counts

As a rule of thumb, keep your furniture small and simple, but go big on your floor and walls. Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to scale: an interesting visual juxtaposition can be achieved with large picture frames or large format tiles like Vogue Grande.

Check out our Vogue Grande series for more big ideas.

Wall Lines Are Your Best Friends

It has been a well-studied fact that wall lines can stretch a space’s width and height. To stretch your small space out visually, go for horizontal stripes on the wall which you can paint on, or you could also use wooden planks visuals like Zirconio Timber or ZR Barnwood to achieve the same effect. And when you can’t go wide, go tall with vertical lines!

Keep The Clutter Off The Floor

Wall-mounted lamps and shelves, multi-tiered racks and drawers, and storage boxes that fit under the bed go a long way towards freeing up floor real estate. Plus, the fewer things you have at ground level, the lesser your chances of accidentally stubbing your toe while crossing the space!

Go Bold

Having a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you must make it bright. Embracing charcoal grays and navy blues can also be interesting and sexy in its own way – you can check out SV Stone 2.0 for a versatile range of grays. Whatever you choose, go for it all the way, and make sure to bring in plenty of natural light!

You don’t have to limit your design choice to minimalism either. Bold accent pieces can make a big statement without taking up a lot of space – check out our article on Grandmillennial design for more info.

We’re more than happy to provide you with a detailed recommendation!

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