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Tips on Creating a Zen Outdoor Space

Tips on Creating a Zen Outdoor Space

With so much of our lives spent indoors these days, it might be nice to step outside every once in a while, just to get some fresh air and sunlight on your skin.

While you’re at it, why not make your outdoor space calm and relaxing, one that puts you in a zen state? Here are some of our ideas.

Make It Green

The surest way to make any space a little livelier is to introduce a little greenery. Potted succulents, hanging plants, and creepers are all excellent ways of adding life and serenity to your outdoors. Adding simple décor pieces such as bamboo stalks or wind chimes and glass lanterns could help you achieve a calm, peaceful vibe – or you could even go for broke and have a fully landscaped garden with tasteful stone effect tiles like Pedregal acting as stepping stones.

Green doesn’t have to only mean the colour either – for a bit of an aural touch, you could also install a water feature or a fountain to help you tune in to the moment.

Don’t be afraid of wet patches and slips – check out our Slip-Stop series!

Make It Comfy

To fully immerse yourself into your zen space, you’d also need to make it comfortable for yourself. Consider installing a hanging chair or a hammock – whichever helps you unwind and take your mind off the worries of life.

Keep in mind that lighting goes a long way towards creating that feeling of comfort. If you’re planning to spend your outdoor time in the light of day, make sure to consider how and where the sun will be shining when you arrange your furniture!

A good way to practice attention to detail in this regard is to make your underfoot experience comfortable as well. Our wood effect tiles ZR Barnwood and Woodlands blend right into the “outdoor oasis” look with none of the downsides.

Make It Artsy

For the creative souls, you can also turn your outdoor space into your personal 3D canvas to recharge your spirit and replenish your well of inspiration. Go wild with art pieces that inspire you or tile layout patterns on the floor and walls for a more permanent installation – Muzze Da’s collection of eclectic mosaics might be of interest to you if that’s the case.

Make It Social

If you have a large enough outdoor space, share the love! This can mean setting up a weather-proof dining set to share a morning tea over, or a swimming pool for some fun in the sun.

For those a little tighter on space, a great way to add communality to a simple balcony would be to add a simple bench. When you have people over, toss on a couple of throw pillows and you have your outdoor lounging area already!

Vogue Grande also makes excellent weather-proof benches and tabletops.

Download the Vogue Grande catalogue here.

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