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The Best Looks for Your Home Office

Your Home Office The Best Looks for Your Home Office

Among other things, COVID-19 has also been called “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment”. As businesses are studying and discovering the benefits of remote work, many are offering their employees the flexibility of continuing their work-from-home arrangements, bringing back the trend of the home office.

Productivity is, of course, the key focus in a home office – it requires firing a different set of neurons compared to working out or cooking. For this article, we have compiled ideas for 3 vastly different looks for you to compare and see which fits your personal working style best.

Let us help you design the perfect home office.

Home Office Design That Insipres Creativity

If your work revolves around being creative and full of energy, such as an artist or a content creator, all the colours of the rainbow are free for you to pick and choose from. Whether it’s an energetic bright orange or restorative leaf green, we’d typically pair it with a white base – all the more to let your colour of choice pop.

For an off-white and lightly textured look, check out Brite White on our Grain series, or Snow for a full range of textures on milky white.

Home Office for the Prestige

Carefully crafted marble, stone, and wood are timeless signifiers of prestige and status, perfectly suited for those in luxury and high-end product markets, or in companies with long and noble histories. A discerning eye is required to pair the different tones and shades of the two as they can vary quite a bit, but largely you will want to aim for a combination of beige and grey to nail that classic understated affluent look.

We have a whole range of marble, stone, and wood tiles for you to choose from, but for now, consider Elysian for all your elegant marble needs, or Imperium for a classic black design.

Home Office for the Powerful Executives

Nothing quite communicates power visually like the combination of concrete and steel – both the main players of the industrial age. These are the materials reflective of the mettle and status of C-suite executives and similar highly influential individuals. This doesn’t mean your colour choices are limited to grey and grey though, as steel in particular can come in a variety of looks, from stainless to burnished and rusted. Our Cementous and Cementum both offer different shades and feels for concrete. Have a look!

Interested in the signature look of weathered steel? Check out our Rust collection.

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