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21 Country Home Designs Ideas

21 Country Home Designs Ideas

A home away from home – the term that urbanites long for – simply a place away from the city bustles. Most of these homes are designed to be similar to that of a country home – casual and cosy with lots of natural-looking materials like wood and large panelled windows.

It is not a difficult task to set up a home amidst the bustling city and call it your countryside home especially when most housing developers are developing townships complete with man-made lakes and landscaped gardens. When designing your country home, here is the moodboard essentials:

  • Rustic furnishing in natural wood finishes or big pieces of furniture
  • Natural materials like wood-like floors or reclaimed wood, exposed bricks, and exposed wooden beams
  • Vintage décors like antique kitchenware and gingham curtains
  • Wrought iron that can be used on doorknobs or water taps

Need some recommendations on natural looking wood tile for flooring?

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