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4 Ways to Combine Different Coloured Marble Tiles

4 Ways to Combine Different Coloured Marble Tiles

In use for the last 3,000 years, marble has always been our go-to material to create grand and elegant spaces. With its richly coloured body and mesmerising veining, it’s just so easy to fall in love with the look of these natural stones.

Some of you may also know that marble can form naturally with different colours in their veins as well as their bodies. From cream and brown to green and yellow, they offer a wide variety of choices for designers to create with a richer colour palette. But with so many choices to choose from, it can be paralysing trying to figure out ways to put them together!

If you’re looking for ways to combine different coloured marble tiles, in today’s article, we’re giving out tips based on Portino’s Como collection of tiles:

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1. Combining marble tiles with strong contrasts

One of the trends we are seeing in interior design is the eschewing of safe palettes for bold expressions of personalities, and one of the ways you can achieve this is by creating strong contrasts with your spaces. Playing PCM07 Calista’s rich dark marble design off PCM02 Celia’s lowkey and light outlook creates a juxtaposition that makes the Calista tiles stand out all the more, making it great for a feature wall.

2. Try combining monochromatic marble tile shades

There may have been a time when using monochromatic shades was seen as kitschy, but lately, designers have been coming up with really impressive-looking spaces by playing to the strengths of monochromatism. PCM05 Cassie, PCM08 Cleo, and PCM09 Caylee are, by definition, just different shades of grey marble tiles, but when put side by side, their subtle differences can really shine through and show off your visual ingenuity.

3. Keep the combination of marble tile colours conventional

For those who prefer to keep it light on the expression, working within conventions is always a safe bet – there’s a reason why conventional combinations are popular!

Using conventional wisdom in colour matching the marble tiles, you would form a strong base with a complementary secondary colour, and sprinkle accents or pops of colour around for visual flair. For a pleasing contemporary look, you might consider forming the base of PCM09 Caylee tiles with PCM08 Cleo tiles as the supporting secondary colour, and then introduce a hit of colour with PCM04 Colbie tiles. It may be formulaic, but there’s no denying that it’s a formula that works.

4. Match them by the marble tile veins

The exquisite veins on marble tiles are a huge part of their appeal, so it just makes sense to capitalise on this unique feature. On PCM01 Clara, you might observe how the veins are subtly yellow on grey, while on PCM03 Cristin, the veins have a hint of red, and on PCM06 Capri, they are very slightly bluish instead. By playing with harmony and contrast between these subtle shades, you can come up with combinations that are really interesting to look at.

So, what do you think? Does this inspire you to start experimenting with different combinations of marble tiles? Feel free to contact us for personalised recommendations on how you can amaze and astonish with the power of marble tiles!

Our business is to make you look good.

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