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5 Reasons to Love Big Slab Tiles | Big Slab Tile Definition & Ideas

5 Reasons to Love Big Slab Tiles

Big slab tiles, sometimes called large format tiles, are what designers and architects are big on these days. But before we get into why interior designers are into these big tiles, let’s deepen our understanding of what are big slab tiles. 

What are big slab tiles?

Big slab tiles, also called large format tiles, are simply tiles that measure at least 75x150cm big, and some can even go all the way up to 160x320cm! 

With such impressive sizes, it’s easy to see why large format tiles are the material of choice for interior designers, architects, and contractors alike who want to make a big impact. Beyond the size, large format tiles also offer a host of underrated benefits in renovations and constructions, which we will get into in this article. 

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Big slab tiles help maximise spaciousness 

With big slab tiles, you’d get fewer and thinner grout lines, which mean fewer and almost imperceptible breaks, creating a seamless look that maximises the feeling of spaciousness in rooms both big and small. For an even greater effect, using lighter coloured big slab tiles that reflect light, such as the various designs under Portino Plus, would create the impression of an even bigger space.

Big slab tiles can be cut for any usage 

Due to their size, large format tiles can be easily cut into any shape and size, making them highly versatile pieces that can go on more than just your floor or wall. Tabletops? No problem. Kitchen islands? Be our guest. Countertops? You bet! You could even form your feature wall as a standalone art piece. Custom shapes, such as hexagons or fishbone, can also be achieved to give your floor a unique look that could not otherwise be achieved with ordinarysized tiles. 

Big slab tiles help achieve greater aesthetic potential 

As tiles typically come with variations in their shades and patterns (such as the veins on marble tiles), some degree of mismatch is typically expected when laying tiles together. However, with big slab tiles, fewer tiles are needed and a high level of uniformity can be achieved, resulting in a seamless design with a high degree of visual continuity. To further enhance the seamless look, colouring the grout lines with similar shades would boost the visual continuity even further. 

Big slab tiles make a bold design statement 

With their sleek design and majestic look, big slab tiles are definitely iconic additions to any interior architecture. Not only are they easy to match with other home furnishings, they also provide a contemporary edge by keeping the space simple and uncluttered with a consistent colour theme. For a luxurious look, big slab tiles with strong marble veins like Vogue Grande can help to make a bold statement where they appear. 

Big slab tiles require less cleaning and maintenance 

Do you know what’s great about fewer grout lines? While tiles are already an easy-to-maintain surface option, fewer grout lines also mean less space where dirt can accumulate! Without the need for any special cleaning agents, your big slab surfaces can be kept pristine with just some soap and water – once again achieving more with less. 

For more big slab tile designs and application ideas, check out Vogue Grande and Portino Plus. 

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