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6 Cool Room Designs That Makes You Wish You Were A Kid

6 Cool Room Designs That Makes You Wish You Were A Kid

Kids learn through imagination so when it comes to kid’s room designs, we need to find the balance between practicality and encouraging child development. After all, kids need the right designs and the right things at home to develop who they are, discover the world, and start their journey to independence. And these are at different stages. But let’s face it, an elaborate fairy tale backdrop may not fit the adult’s budget or style and it may change according to the child’s development stage. So, here are 6 practical room designs that have been well thought of to fit the different kinds of kids.

The Little One

This baby room has the right combination of colours and quite a homogeneous style that even adults love. The colour scheme is inter-changeable to fit your baby’s gender while the empty spaces within the room will accommodate additional furniture or accessories as the baby grows.

The Play Area

A special area in the home other than their own bedroom makes kids feel extra special and appreciated. Make use of the additional nooks and corners of a home to build that extra special space where Mom can have an eye view of while attending to household chores. In this special nook, the child’s favourite toys have been carefully placed and a drawing area for imaginations to grow have been added to ensure the child’s time is well-spent.

The Sports Enthusiast

This room is definitely built for kids who are sporty. All the organizational ideas make room for some fun and play on the floor space. And of course, a space for homework too! The dark, polished floor from our Marmo series will ensure the design concept of the room lasts throughout the childhood to teenage years.

For the Imaginative Plays with Barbie Doll

Fairy tales and Barbie dolls, this space is definitely for the girl who loves imaginative play with her dolls. The blush shade will satisfy the craving for anything pink while the base colours of the room will ensure a design concept that can be changed as she grows out of Barbie dolls and into Ed Sheeran.

The Gamer’s Hideout

This room design is a growing trend especially as kids move on with virtual classes as a norm in their lives and resort more to e-games rather than physical outdoor games. For gamers, storage space is a must as they often acquire a large collection of their favourite games, consoles and merchandise. Note the white walls and the light shade of our Lux 2.0 floor tiles that will blend in with any colour of the games on the screen or the various merchandise collections.

The Back-To-Nature Concept Kid

This is another trendy design for kids who loves outdoors. The lack of outdoor activities these days have resorted to us bringing the outdoors indoors. This nature-concept is a perfect gender-neutral theme that works for both boys and girls and especially for shared bedrooms. Notice how much wood and greens are used in this concept to bring in the natural look. Kids will roar in happiness with rooms such as this.

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