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6 Ways to Redesign Your Home After Covid-19

6 Ways to Redesign Your Home After Covid-19

Lock downs and social distancing efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak has changed the world’s society and the way we live. As people are confined in their homes and people are spending much more time at home even after the lockdowns are lifted, home designs will need to adapt to the new lifestyles.

This new reliance on the homes and the new norm will carry on for at least a few years or may be a permanent fixture as society gets used to these new living habits. Based on the current trends and concept, our designers have come up with new home design concepts for the new norm.

1. The New Gym At Home

The lockdowns has somewhat got gym enthusiasts and health conscious people to accustom themselves to carved out gyms at home, some complete with technology setup for virtual exercise classes. Selecting a dedicated space for the types of exercise is a must to ensure one stays focused during gym time. Mirrors, the right flooring and a proper storage area for equipment helps to keep the routine ongoing.

2. The New SOHO – A Permanent Home Office

Kids screaming, dogs barking and sounds from the TV is not a conducive working environment. As working from home becomes the new norm, people are transforming areas in their homes into a permanent office. The ideal space would be one that is free from distractions and noise. A focus area designed to motivate and inspire is essential. This will serve as the virtual meeting backdrop as well. If space is a constraint, ensure that the new permanent home office can serve as a classroom or has a special corner for kids’ online classes.

3. The New Restaurant for The New Chef At Home

As new chefs and emerge at home from the lockdowns, it’s no wonder that people are transforming their kitchens into a serious top chef’s kitchen. More storage spaces are needed for new kitchen appliances like bread machines, ice-cream makers, and cold-brew coffee machines that make the amateur chef produce restaurant-style food. Pantries are now a necessity as people make fewer trips to the stores and store more food.

4. The New Outdoors with Lots Of Greenery

Humans and nature come hand-in-hand. Deprivation of the great outdoors and nature has increased our appreciation of it. In the midst of the outbreak, going for a jog or just sitting in the park doesn’t guarantee safety and, in some countries, these are non-accessible. Hence, people have found ways to bring the outdoors indoors and for homes with small gardens, a complete overhaul to make it as close as possible to the real outdoors.

5. The Versatile Entertainment Centre

Humans are social creatures. The need to socialize through activities like going to the movies, concerts, and gatherings at the local joints, in general, had to be substituted by makeshift entertainment centres at home during the outbreak. Empty spaces in the living room are converted into cocktail bars. The sofa and coffee table are rearranged for home entertainment systems and to watch virtual concerts or to attend the Broadway musical.

6. A Sanitized and Safe Home

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a study on how long the coronavirus can live on different surfaces, for example, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. From these findings, people are looking for home materials that are easy-to-clean and disinfect. Metal doorknobs will lose out to wood for example. For floors, renovations will be looking at tiles rather than other materials due to the fact that it’s easy to clean.

The Future of Home Design

While the pandemic forced almost everyone to reorganize their homes in some way or the other, the long hours at home have given many to rethink and to reimagine those living spaces from scratch. Adapting to the new normal has opened up many new possibilities and it is a fertile ground for home designers. The home has also turned into a safer place to entertain friends instead of the local hangouts, thus, the need for an entertainment centre.

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