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7 Creative Kitchen Feature Wall Ideas and Where to Add Them

7 Creative Kitchen Feature Wall Ideas and Where to Add Them 

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and special attention should be given whenever a remodel or renovation is discussed. Among the ways to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen is to incorporate a well-placed feature wall. 

There are a few strategic areas where you could add a kitchen feature wall:

Backsplash: By far the most popular option, a decorative backsplash can serve as a stunning focal point while protecting your wall from splashes and stains, fusing form with function.

Window Area: If your kitchen has a window, the wall around it can also be made into your feature wall.

Dining Nook: In smaller spaces, your kitchen can often be where you dine as well. In a strategic corner designated for the dining nook, a feature wall could make it something truly special.

Appliance Wall: Modern kitchens with built-in ovens or refrigerators can be flanked by a complementary feature wall to create a seamless look. 

Wherever you decide to add your kitchen feature wall, here are distinctive styles you can consider for your kitchen feature wall: 

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Subway Tiles Kitchen Feature Wall 

Subway tiles like Transformz by Muzze Da have stood the test of time and for a good reason! With their classic, clean lines, they create a timeless and elegant look, especially in traditional or modern kitchens.  

Great for: Backsplash, Dining Nook 

Luxury Marble Kitchen Feature Wall 

For an opulent and upscale vibe, consider a marble design feature wall: with marble’s alluring veining and luxurious sheen like those on Elysian, your kitchen would be a feast for the eyes.  

Great for: Backsplash, Window Area, Dining Nook, Appliance Wall 

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Feature Wall 

If farmhouse kitchens’ rustic, cosy appeal is more your speed, a feature wall incorporating the look of weathered wood like ZR Barnwood can add warmth and character to your culinary haven. 

 Great for: Window Area, Dining Nook 

Geometric Kitchen Feature Wall 

Inject a dose of modernity into your kitchen with geometric-patterned tiles such as S. Thomas by Zirconio. These striking designs can be as outstanding or subtle as you like, according to your needs and preferences.  

Great for: Backsplash, Dining Nook 

Solid Stone Kitchen Feature Wall 

For a rugged yet inviting atmosphere, solid stone like limestone or Ceppo di Gré does the job with a touch of gravitas to boot.  

Great for: Backsplash, Window Area, Dining Nook, Appliance Wall 

Rugged Cement Kitchen Feature Wall 

If you appreciate the raw and distinctly urban beauty of industrial materials, a cement feature wall with tiles like Cementum by Niro Granite could be just what you are looking for. Hugely versatile, it works across different styles, from minimalist to contemporary and even eclectic. 

Great for: Backsplash, Appliance Wall 

Funky Terrazzo Kitchen Feature Wall 

While commonly used as flooring or countertops, terrazzo can also be an interesting way to spice up your kitchen décor as a feature wall. Terra-Arte by Niro Granite and Felice by Portino are prime examples of what modern terrazzo can look like. 

Great for: Backsplash, Window Area, Dining Nook, Appliance Wall 

Incorporating a feature wall into your kitchen design can dramatically transform the look and feel of your culinary space. Whatever style you choose to go with, you can be sure it will make your kitchen a stunning and functional heart for your home. 

Speak with our designers for a tailored solution. 

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