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7 Interesting Facts About Tiles

7 Interesting Facts About Tiles

Facts 1: Tiles started off with hand-made Clay bricks that were dried beneath the sun while glaze was produced during the Shang-Yin Dynasty (1523-1028 BC).

Facts 2: Granite is volcanic (or Igneous) rock.

Facts 3: The word “ceramics comes from the Greek word *Keramos” meaning *Pottery,” “Potter’s Clay, or “a Potter.”

Facts 4: The density of porcelain tile makes it suitable for exteriors in freezing climates

Facts 5: The sparkling effect of Quartzite on tiles is achieved through a combination of special materials and tile printing technology

Facts 6: The natural textures on tiles can be produced by using limestone – a layered rock, as they are minerals from the earth’s surface of over a thousand years or can be reproduced through tile printing.

Facts 7: Quarry tile is made from natural clay or shale are typically harder than ordinary clay bricks, due to the minerals used and the high firing temperatures.

Check out our Tile Evolution chart here:

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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