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7 Interesting Ideas for the Space Under the Stairs

7 Interesting Ideas for the Space Under the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, you would be familiar with the awkward space under the stairs that isn’t big enough to be a proper space and isn’t small enough to be ignored either.

While some believe this space under the stairs should be called a “spandrel”, we prefer “sottoscala”, which is what it is called Italian, meaning literally “under the stairs”, and admittedly rolls off the tongue a lot easier.

With a little imagination, it can be made into an attractive feature of your home – here are some of our ideas on what you can do with it:

1. Install a small washroom

For the space-conscious, a small washroom arguably gives you the best bang for your buck in terms of functionality versus space. It’s small, it’s private, and chances are that it would come in handy more often than you imagine. Just be sure to also consider the plumbing work!

Visit Orin for bathroom products and ideas.

2. Fit in storage cabinets and drawers

Another great way to make use of the limited space under your staircase is by turning it into a multifunctional storage area. With a bit of handiwork, cabinets or even drawers can be fitted to easily keep away your belongings.

3. Create a kid’s book nook and play den

Have a small child? The size of the space may be limited for adults, but for a child, it is the perfect spot to grow their imagination through books and play. Bright colours and interesting patterns are most suitable for young children, so why not try Muse or Terra-Arte for an easy-to-clean feature wall in this corner?

4. Grow an indoor garden

The indoor environment can often be sterile and cold – so what better way to enliven it than with a few plants? If you have excess tiles lying around from a previous renovation, you can even use them to create terrariums for your plants. Find more tips with our article on Maximising the Use of Excess Tiles.

5. Start a tiny library

When you have too many books and too few places to properly store them, the space under the stairs can prove to be the ideal spot to show off your impressive collection. When guests are over, it can even be a great conversation starter – and they can leave with a book or two on loan! For the authentic look of wood, consider Krea for the wall behind your library.

6. Station your home office

With more and more employees being allowed the flexibility to work from home, it just makes sense to have a dedicated space for work. If you have a power socket nearby, you’re just a couple of furniture pieces away from assembling your video call-ready home office. Also, check out The Best Looks for Your Home Office to take it a step further!

3. Roll out a relaxation corner

Sometimes all you need is a place to lay your head for a while. So, grab a couple of cushions and a mattress topper, and just like that you already have a little spot that’s perfect for some shut-eye or mindful meditation. To keep the mood serene and calming, try decorating this corner with dark coloured tiles such as Imperium.

Looking for more ideas? Let us help!

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