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7 Interesting Ways To Use Mosaic Tiles

7 Interesting Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles

We love mosaic tiles for their striking aesthetics and, just as importantly, their unparalleled versatility. From countertops to wall murals, there are so many creative ways to apply them and so many ways to create a style statement with these basic tile pieces.

Mosaic tiles are perfect for adding a distinctive visual flair to your home, due to the endless ways that they can be combined.

Here are some of our ideas on interesting ways that you can use them.

As a Splashback

In your kitchen, bathrooms, or wherever you have running water, splashbacks are helpful for keeping your wall safe from water damage. Beyond the functionality, having a mosaic splashback also helps create an eye-catching look above your sink and affords you more design choices and creative freedom.

As Extra-friction Flooring

Due to their small size, mosaic tiles tend to have more friction due to the many grout lines between them. In slippery areas, such as a pool area or in a shower, they can help one’s feet cling to the ground, preventing slips and unintentional injuries.

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As Added Texture to Surfaces

While traditional tiles typically come in pre-defined square or rectangular shapes, mosaic tiles have far more variety, even coming in circular and hexagonal shapes! With so many different outlines and so many colours to choose from, it has the ability like no other to add texture to your surfaces.

As a Feature Wall

Individually, each mosaic tile is pretty small, but they work together to create a much greater whole. If you’re looking at creating a feature wall, why not consider a mosaic one? Check out our guide on how to install mosaic tiles for something you could work on as a fun weekend DIY project!

As Visual Contrast

Playing with different shapes and colours are helpful for adding texture and contrast – but how about size? When paired with big slab tiles like Vogue Grande, mosaic tile pieces can help their largeness stand out all the more in contrast.

As an Art Piece

Due to their many shapes and colours as well as their small sizes, mosaic tiles have become the material of choice for installation artists to create truly stunning artworks. If you have an exterior wall or a floor that you would like to see decorated, try mixing and matching mosaic tiles to create patterns that you can show off!

As Home Décor

If you have excess mosaic tiles lying around after all of the above, they don’t have to go to waste – with a bit of creativity, they can be repurposed into eclectic home décor that are as useful as they are beautiful.

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