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A Guide to Matching Fabrics with Tiles

A Guide to Matching Fabrics with Tiles

So you’re deciding what tiles to get – how do you pick the right one?

When decorating a space, some of the key elements we always look out for are contrast and balance – between colours, sizes, and even hardness. Since tiles tend to be hard due to their emphasis on being tough and long-lasting, a great way to bring contrast and balance to them, whether installed on your walls or floors, is to soften up the space with some fabrics.

Let’s take a look at some combinations that just might work for you:

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1. Natural Jute Rug with Stone Tiles

A fibrous plant that is commonly used to make burlap or gunny cloths, jute has a naturally rough texture that is a favourite among many as floor rugs. For lovers of structured stone surface tiles, you would also love the pleasant texture of jute that goes well with the slightly coarse surface of the tiles.

Mostly, jute rugs are sold undyed and in their natural straw-brown colour, which makes it a great complement for medium- to dark-coloured tiles like Blitzen Stone. Because of the gaps between the fibres, they are also great and safe for wet areas such as your bathrooms.

2. Houndstooth Fabric with Wood Tiles

Regular textile, like wool or cotton, weaved into a two-tone pattern with broken checks, is popularly called a houndstooth fabric due to the resemblance of the pointed corners of the print to a canine tooth. Done properly, the patterned is great for clothing, accessories, and yes, even upholstery!

Because of the rustic and old-country vibe this fabric exudes, we just can’t get enough of pairing this with wood tiles, which recreates the feeling of cosying up inside a cabin or cottage.

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3. Organic Leather with Marble Tiles

Nothing spells luxury like the deep, lush look and sturdy yet soft quality of organic leather. Particularly for larger spaces, the combination of organic leather furniture with marble tiled walls and floors can easily yield an impressive look that is classy and elegant.

With modern dyeing technology, furniture leather runs the gamut all the way from white to black, and can even be dyed in colours such as pink and cream. Due to their non-reflective quality, you might consider pairing them with glossy marble tiles such as Vogue Grande, which also helps to add a dimension of vastness around your space.

Combining fabrics and tiles into your style is just one aspect of home design. For more tips on mixing and matching, be sure to also check out our guide on combining different coloured marble tiles.

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