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Architects in Focus | Season 1

Architects in Focus: Season 1 

Introducing “Architects in Focus” by Niro Ceramic Group, a video series featuring in-depth conversations with architects from diverse backgrounds exploring their passions, philosophies, and processes.

The lineup for Season 1 includes such distinguished personalities such as LAr. Juita Wan Hashim, Founder and Director of Verona Design, Ar. Wooi Lok Kuang from Wooi Architect, and Ar. Dr. Tan Loke Mun, Founder and Director of DTLM Design Group.

All 3 episodes are available now for viewing:

Episode 1: LAr. Juita Wan Hashim

Founder & Director
Verona Design

Episode 2: Ar. Wooi Lok Kuang

Wooi Architect

Episode 3: Ar. Dr. Tan Loke Mun

Founder & Director
DTLM Design Group

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