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Big Slab Tiles Installation Guide | How to Safely Install Large Format Tiles on Your Walls

Big Slab Tiles Installation Guide | How to Safely Install Large Format Tiles on Your Walls

Captivated by the grandeur of large format tiles? Ready to transform your space with a jaw-dropping feature wall? Before you dive headfirst into your project, first read this guide on how you can ensure a flawless and safe installation. 

In this guide, we explore practical instructions for safe and effective installation of large format tiles on walls with an emphasis on minimising potential errors. Let’s begin:

Zirconio XO Slab brings true continuous design to big slab tiles. 

1. Prepare the proper tools for the installation.

Before embarking on your big slab adventure, assemble a capable crew of tools. Invest in a sturdy carrying rack and stable cart to handle these big slab tiles, as well as suction cups for stability during transport. 

2. Prepare the substrate.

A smooth, level foundation is essential for a successful installation. Chip away any unwelcome bumps and screed uneven areas to ensure optimal adhesion, which will prevent unevenness later. 

3. Use suction cups and a carrying rack to transport big slab tiles.

Suction cups employed with a carrying rack provides an extra layer of grip and control. This helps to minimise the risk of accidental slips that can cause damage to the big slab tiles.

4. Spread the mortar adhesive to the underside of the tile.

Flip the big slab tile upside down and using a trowel, spread the mortar adhesive from the centre outwards, ensuring every corner and edge are covered. Careful application helps to create a strong and lasting bond for your wall tiles.

5. Spread the mortar adhesive to the prepared substrate.

Apply an even layer of the mortar adhesive onto the prepared wall, working in the same direction as your planned tile placement. This synchronized approach ensures seamless adhesion throughout, leaving no room for uneven gaps or weak spots. 

6. Place the tile gently onto the installation surface. 

Carefully place the tile onto the substrate using the carrying rack. Once in position, gently release the suction cups and let the adhesive do its magic. This controlled landing helps prevent edge damage and sets the stage for a flawless finish. 

7. Eliminate air pockets from underneath the tile.

Before applying pressure, employ a vibrating tool to eliminate any air pockets trapped beneath the tile. This helps to minimise hollowness after the adhesive dries.

8. Fill the gaps at the tile edges with more adhesive. 

Fill any gaps between the tile and the wall with additional adhesive, ensuring that all surfaces are covered, then clear up any leftover adhesives from the tile edges. This final touch not only creates a professional, seamless look but also acts as a barrier against moisture, keeping your installation looking its best for years to come. 

9. Place levelling systems between each tile.

To ensure proper bedding and to eliminate lippage, levelling systems should be used between each installed tile. 

10. Repeat steps as required.

With the first piece in place, all that is left is to repeat the process for its companions. Use a tile closer to minimise gaps and create a cohesive, professional look.

11. Allow the adhesive to dry for 72 hours

Allow the adhesive to cure completely for 72 hours before touching or cleaning your tiles. After the adhesive has been allowed to dry for at least 72 hours, proceed to clear up any leftover adhesive from the tile surfaces and edges. 

12. Remove all tile levellers and spacers.

 Gently remove the tile levelling systems and spacers, then using your tools, ensure that the tile gaps are clean and free of any debris. 

 13. Apply grout.

 Finally, apply grout within the tile gaps uniformly. Gently wipe the tile surfaces after with a damp sponge to remove any excess grout.

Looking for more tile installation tips? Speak with us today! 

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