Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Space
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Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Space

Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Space

Much like choosing paint for your indoor or outdoor walls, choosing the right floor tiles for your space from a tiles shop requires plenty of consideration as it can affect the overall style and design of your space.

That said, there are different tiles that are better suited for indoors and outdoors, which differ in terms of design, surface and structure. Outdoor tiles, as the name suggest, often take on the appearance of natural stones, granite pavements, concrete slabs or wood which are the best combinations to the outdoor scene.

When you compare outdoor tiles to indoor tiles, the surface of outdoor tiles is more textured, preferably with a slip-resistant surface that’ll provide traction for everyone including your pets. Also, they’re more durable as outdoor tiles are built to withstand extreme weather conditions for a stylish and flawless appearance.

In this article, let’s discover the various types of outdoor tile styles available in Malaysia that’s suitable for your car porch, gazebo or any outdoor space along with some tips for you to choose the right tiles for your home.

Different Types of Outdoor Tile Styles For Your Home

While there are plenty of choices in terms of choosing the type of material that your outdoor tiles are made from, it’s often a smarter choice to go for porcelain tiles as they are renowned for their anti-slip properties, ease of maintenance as well as outstanding durability.

However, if the design of your home requires the certain look of another material, all hope is not lost – with today’s printing technology, it’s now possible to print designs into porcelain tiles to simulate their unique look without sacrificing the usefulness of porcelain as a material!

Some of the outdoor tile styles that are made from porcelain include:

a) Natural-stone printed porcelain tiles

a) Natural-stone printed porcelain tiles

Like our Step & Step.1 tile series, natural stone evokes a sense of dominance and sophistication with its natural limestone beauty, perfect for your outdoor space. It also helps that stone-printed porcelain tiles are built to withstand extreme weather conditions!

b) Granite porcelain tiles

Considered as one of the sub-types for natural-stone designs, granite porcelain tiles can even simulate the rough surfaces of true granite stone on the tiles without being porous. Hence, it is highly suitable for outdoor spaces with water elements to prevent slips or accidents.

b) Granite porcelain tiles
c) Wood porcelain tiles

c) Wood porcelain tiles

Lastly, a wood porcelain tile can effectively mimic the look and feel of natural wood surfaces without all the hassle of taking care of true wooden flooring! In fact, you can benefit more with porcelain’s material hardness, durability, density and stain resistance.

Now that you’ve learned about some of the suitable outdoor tiles, here’s how you can choose the right one for your home.

How to Choose Suitable Outdoor Tiles?

There are plenty of outdoor tiles to choose from various tiles shop in Malaysia. If you are unsure what to look for, making this important decision can be overwhelming. Hence, we’ve put together a few questions that’ll help you narrow down your search.


#1 What’s your budget?

Transforming your outdoor space can be tricky and costly if you don’t consider this thoroughly. Tiles generally cost less than other outdoor flooring material over the years as they are more durable and can last longer.


#2 Where will the tiles be used?

While every outdoor tile can withstand the elements, not all are built the same. Some can also be tougher than others, meaning they can withstand scratches, cracks, and other damages. All tiles are graded with the PEI ratings* that denotes its suitability for each area of application. Consider the traffic of your outdoor space and choose wisely.


#3 What’s the climate in your area like?

As Malaysia is located near the equator, there’s no way you can protect your outdoor space from its harsh and extreme weather conditions. But you can choose your outdoor tiles according to their climate endurance level. Porcelain tiles are a great option if you’re unsure which one to choose, as it has low porous levels, making it suitable for Malaysia’s extreme summer.


#4 How porous is the material?

This question can be tricky and confusing for some because Malaysia often experience extreme weather conditions throughout the year. However, try to avoid porous materials as they can absorb too much water which can lead to the growth of algae and moss. You can choose anti slip tiles for your space to prevent any unwanted incidents.


#5 What’s the style of your outdoor space?

Aside from the previous questions, you also have to consider the style of your outdoor space as your chosen tiles may either complement or overwhelm your outdoor theme.

Looking for stylish yet durable outdoor tiles?

Whether it’s to complement your outdoor furnishing or to add some warmth to your space, Niro Granite tiles are known for high durability, making them the ideal surfacing material for the outdoors.

Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles delivers superior quality, consistency, and ultimately beautiful designs that let you customise and design your outdoors to its full potential!

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