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Choosing The Best Wall Tile For Your Bathroom

Choosing The Best Wall Tile For Your Bathroom

Choosing your new bathroom wall tiles can feel a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many possibilities, each with the power to create a distinctive style in your renovation.

However, choosing your bathroom wall tiles can be quite straightforward if you follow just a few simple steps.

This includes honing in on the design style on a suitable wall tile for your bathroom, choosing an appropriate tile size, matching the suitable tiles and also understanding which tiles will need what maintenance. Let’s also not forget choosing a suitable grout colour!

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How to choose a suitable wall tile for your bathroom?


1. Settle on a design style

The key first step is to spend a little more time considering the design style you want. By doing that, you have effectively narrowed down the countless options available and made it a simpler decision.

Think of the overall design look and feel that your new bathroom takes inspiration from. If you’re going for a luxury hotel vibe, glass and sleek metallic tiles may offer the ideal look. For a more traditional, timeless style, think elegant tiles or patterned floor tiles that can give that authentic vintage feel.

2. Ensure you have your size preferences

Modern tiles today are available in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes, ranging from small mosaics to large porcelain slabs.

They bring their own character to the design of your choosing. For example, Mosaic tiles are great at creating patterns, movement and texture in your space. On the other hand, large rectangular pieces can effectively inject your bathroom wall design with a sleek finish.


3. Play around and match colours with material

This is where you can match your ideal tile material and texture with a colour scheme of your choice for the unique look that you’ve chosen. As a general rule of thumb, you should try only choosing a maximum of three different styles to avoid too many patterns contrasting one another.

Otherwise, it can be overwhelming in the design outcome with a look that is too busy.

4. Think about the maintenance needed for your chosen tiles

One of the most important factors to think about when choosing your new bathroom wall tiles is the required maintenance.

The reason many invest in wall tiles is because they are extremely simple to maintain as they offer incredible strength and durability. However, there are certain materials that will need more effort over time to keep them in top shape so keep that in mind when deciding between a few tiles.

Porcelain tiles do not require much maintenance and make a great choice as a bathroom wall tile!


5. Think of the accompanying natural light

A dark bathroom with little to no natural light should use lighter coloured tiles as they tend to be more reflective and will help brighten the space.

Likewise, a bathroom with lots of natural light or direct sunlight should avoid high-gloss tiles for its reflective and glaring nature. In that case, a semi-gloss bathroom wall tile would be a better alternative than high-gloss tiles.

6. Choosing the right grout colour

This is the most often overlooked part of the bathroom wall tile selection! In fact, your choice of tiling grout can be a crucial decision-maker of which tiles you end up using.

That’s because depending on the shape, colour and texture of the bathroom wall tiles you’ve chosen, your grout colour will either be an excellent standout feature or become an eye-sore that doesn’t blend into the background, pulling attention away from your selected tile design!

For example, a dark coloured grout paired with contrasting light coloured tiles will emphasize the pattern of your tile’s shape, making this option especially effective with shapes such as lanterns, circles or hexagons.

On the other hand, a grout of the same colour or hue as your tiles will blend into the background to create a much smoother and more uniform finish.


Looking for gorgeous & high-quality bathroom wall tiles?

Whether it’s to add warmth and comfort or to dial-up the style, bathroom wall tiles are great for designs as they are highly customisable.

Take these 6 tips with you the next time you are comparing between various wood-style, ceramic, and marble-design tiles to elevate your room. It’ll definitely come in handy.

If you’re looking for beautiful tiles to build the bathroom of your dreams, give Niro Granite a try. Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you customize and design your bathroom to its full potential!

Speak to us today – visit our website at https://www.nirogranite.com

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