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Convincing Reasons You Need to Have Concrete Tiles For Your Home

Convincing Reasons You Need to Have Concrete Tiles For Your Home

Are you familiar with concrete tiles? Want to find out how to incorporate concrete tiles into your space? Find out from Niro Granite’s tile experts!

In this article, we look at concrete tiles that are abundantly available in tile shops across Malaysia and how they’ve been the staple of interior design for a long time. We’ve even seen concrete tiles used hundreds of years ago, and the various forms of these beautiful tiles are still featured in gorgeous homes all over the world today!

While some trends for home interior design come and go, there are some timeless design styles that never go out of fashion. They stand the test of time for various reasons – either for its superior aesthetic look and form, or for its excellent functional properties – such is the case of concrete tiles.

Here are a few ways you can use concrete tiles creatively in your home:

Concrete Tile Backsplash

1) Your kitchen backsplash

Here’s something you can try – instead of a plain and traditional kitchen backsplash, why not try a backsplash made from concrete tiles from our tiles shop? When maintained correctly, concrete tile backsplashes are more resistant to water and easier to clean as compared to other materials.

They’re also an incredibly chic and stylish way to make a statement with your cooking space – more than just purely functional!

2) Your bathroom or your shower

As concrete porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water, it can turn your everyday shower or bathroom into a visual treat. Not only are concrete tiles from our tiles shop a great way of showcasing the finer touches of your bathroom, it can last for years and years to come without water damage or distress with minimal maintenance needed.

Concrete Tile Bathroom
Concrete Tile Laundry Room

3) Your laundry room

Instead of leaving your laundry space bare or plainly ignoring it, using concrete tiles is a simple yet clever way of upgrading your laundry room so that it is both functional and stylish. It’s also a reliable and sturdy way to make laundry less of a chore and more of an enjoyment!

4) Your home flooring

As they’re considerably durable, it’s no surprise that concrete design tiles that are made of porcelain tiles are being used much more frequently today in place of hardwood or other types of flooring! Not only are they great for walls, but sleek concrete tiles make excellent flooring to bring character into the different spaces throughout your home.

Concrete Tile Home Flooring

Benefits Of Using Concrete Tiles


a) Concrete tiles are incredibly durable

Like many historical buildings and structures you see in museums, concrete tiles will often outlive us. Concrete tiles are well-known to be durable and last well into your lifetime.

In fact, concrete tile flooring is often much more durable than hardwood floors. This makes it a great choice of material for businesses and high-traffic spaces, as it ensures maximum durability and longevity. You can find highly durable ones from our tiles shop.


b) Concrete tiles are easy to maintain

After the process of sealing it to protect it against water, concrete tile floors are easily cleaned and swept. Proper installation and the usage of sealant will ensure its long-term durability.


c) The design of concrete tiles are easily matched with any other design

From a design standpoint, concrete tiles are easily one of the most versatile methods to match the style of your home. Whether it’s a modern-industrialist interior or a modern, contemporary setting, concrete tiles can easily fit into your home’s design theme. You can find modern design tiles from our tiles shop.

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