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Create Your Own Insta-Worthy Urban Refuge Gallery

Create Your Own Insta-Worthy Urban Refuge Gallery

Against the bustling backdrop of urban life, more and more commercial spaces are introducing an urban refuge gallery to attract crowds to snap their OOTD shots.

Naturally, these spaces tend to be very eye-catching in nature, and they find some way to differentiate themselves from the surroundings – whether achieved through something thematic or through the strategic application of a certain colour or material, which all urban refuge galleries have in common is their outstanding nature.

With their awe-inspiring looks and versatility, we have reasons to believe urban refuge galleries are going to be the next big thing for commercial spaces! Here are some ideas if you would like to create your own:

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1. Emerald Palace with Cement Designed Tiles

Who doesn’t love the rich and elegant look of emerald green? When paired with neutral cement surfaces, emerald can be made to really pop and catch the attention of passers-by, enticing them to stop and snap a quick picture. 

To achieve the clean look of cement, we would go with Natural & Abstract, which has the added bonus of coming in different shapes, helping you elevate the aesthetics of your urban refuge gallery and achieve the look you are going for.

2. Indoor Woodland with Wood Designed Tiles

Who says that urban life has to be all concrete and steel? With wood design tiles such as Timbre-land, you can also create an indoor woodland that is full of the calming natural hues and texture of the woods. 

It does not have to be purely decorative, either: with wood all around, recesses can be made to create ample storage and display spaces. Accentuated with the right lighting, it instantly uplifts the ambience of a jewellery or shoe store. 

3. Snow-white Interior with Stone-Like Tiles 

What about the very definition of a monochromatic space? Nothing quite catches the eye like a space modelled after a snowy landscape, full of soft lines and pure white hues that are brought into balance with a grey stone-like tiles such as Pedregal. 

A good fit especially for cafes and high-end fashion retailers, the snow-white interior is sure to be an irresistible urban refuge gallery that attracts one and all to capture the moment. 

4. Midnight Lounge with Black Colour Tiles

On the opposite end of the colour spectrum, an all-black space can also be strategically deployed to evoke an atmosphere of mystery, depth, and confidence. Imperium by Zirconio as well as Polar Black are great examples of rich black materials that exude this powerful energy. 

Particularly great for event spaces and spaces adjacent to it, black backdrops simply play incredibly well with other colours, even with black! It’s no wonder people love to snap their OOTDs against black coloured surfaces, as it gives their outfit that little extra to really make it pop.

5. Awe-inspiring Marble with Big Slab Tiles

Finally, when you want to pull out all the stops and go allin on creating an impressive display, marbledesigned big slab tiles such as Vogue Grande or Portino Plus create exactly the kind of effect you would want. You can install these side by side with minimal grout, and their vast, uninterrupted surface allows the coursing marble veins to further emphasize their awe-inspiring nature – then you can just watch as people flock to your display to become queen and king for a minute!

While this trend is still in its early stages, we’re confident we’ll be seeing much more as commercial space owners look for ways to attract the masses. We’re definitely looking forward to all the creative expressions we will be seeing very soon!

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