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Create Your Own “Me” Space with Eleganz by Portino

Create Your Own “Me Space with Eleganz by Portino

When you have spent the whole day working hard and achieving targets, what you want after getting back is some “me” time in your own space. After all, resting and recharging are essential to replenish your energy to perform again the next day! 

Whether your idea of recharging is sitting down with a book and a cup of tea or video calling your loved ones to catch up, we have some ideas on how you can fully maximise your nook to make it a “me” space that lives up to its name. 

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1. Create privacy with a movable partition

The first step towards creating a “me” space is to separate it from the rest of the space – the differentiation is important as it lets your brain know when you can truly be at ease. One easy way to accomplish this is through the use of a semi-open partition, which helps create a boundary and preserve your privacy when you have people over, while still keeping the space open and leaving your sightlines free

Another way to emphasise the separation of two zones within the same space is to change up the flooring. For instance, if the more public space is tiled with a light colour tile like PET09 Sara, you can differentiate your “me” space by having that zone or corner tiled with the darker PET08 Sue instead. 

2. Install a bookshelf

“Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are,” said French novelist François Mauriac – few things are more personal than one’s book collection, so it just makes sense that your “me” space is a distilled showcase of your personality, where bits and glimpses of your internal world can shine through.

Even if you are not an avid reader, a bookshelf also provides the opportunity to put on display all the things that define who you are, for example, a favourite picture, a collection of figurines, or even photo albums filled with your treasured memories.

Much like a feature wall, a bookshelf helps guide the sightlines and brings visual structure to its surroundings. If your bookshelf has an open back, PET83 Sandra from the Eleganz collection is a cool-coloured tile that is great as a backdrop to your bookshelf, that helps it stand out all the more. 

3. Decorate with a couple of tall plants 

What better way to put your mind at ease than with a touch of nature? Adding in elements of biophilic design has been observed to help to improve one’s physical and mental health by creating a relaxing atmosphere, just right for a space dedicated to relaxing!

A muted colour palette can also exude an atmosphere of calm and cosiness – with its neutral hues, PET81 Sophie from Eleganz fits right into any space with natural elements and help uplift the entire ambience. To really go all-in on the look, you could also consider a Japandi inspired space that elevates the zen feeling.

4. Toss in a beanbag for ultimate cosiness

The best part about having a beanbag is how it supports you no matter what posture you are in. Not only does it blend well with any type of interior design theme, but it is also comfortable to boot. To achieve the ultimate potential for cosiness, we can’t think of a better choice!

While you’re considering flooring options below your beanbag, PET02 Skyla is an exceptionally good-looking option that goes well with fabrics of any colour. You could also check out our guide on matching fabrics with tiles for more ideas.

At the end of the day, the “me” space is about putting you at the centre. Whichever way you would like to go at it, as long as it helps you recharge and rejuvenate, we say go for it, and be stylish about it!

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