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Creating Smart Multifunctional Spaces

Creating Smart Multifunctional Spaces

Owning a home is a big commitment, especially as the cost of living is going up. In response, many homeowners are scaling down their lifestyles in more ways than one. In smaller apartments with lower square footage, the challenge arises to recreate all the amenities and functionalities of a complete living space in a compressed area. 

The trick to these small spaces is by deploying a combination of multifunctional furniture together with some smart design choices. If you own such a space or are interested in their design, read on for our tips on creating smart multifunctional spaces:

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1. Kitchen Island with Storage Space

A kitchen island is a great addition to any kitchen, not just for its fantastic aesthetic potential, but also its immense functional value. Not only does it provide you with an additional surface that can be used for food prep or for eating together, the area underneath also provides ample space to store all your kitchen items.

To enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the classic look of marble using tiles like Lux 4.0. While you’re at it, also check out our 6 top looks for your kitchen island or countertop.

2. Murphy Bed with Hidden Desk

While Murphy Beds, or hidden beds, have some back into trend for micro-living mainly for space-saving reasons, there’s no reason why they only have to be purely functional. With a bit of ingenuity, the back of your Murphy Bed can be fashioned as a feature wall to create an artistic statement even as your bed is kept hidden and out of the way.

To further drive the functionality afforded micro-living, modern Murphy Beds can even fold up to reveal a hidden desk complete with storage space for all your work and study needs. Now that’s smart living!

3. Raised Platform with Hidden Storage

If you have a large open space, a great way to create distinct zones is through the use of a raised platform. What could make it even better is if it had hidden storage areas as well for you to put aside your household items when guests are over.

If you’re going for a Japandi look, Japanese tatami mats are a fantastic example of such a raised platform, with its modular mat placements that reveal the empty space beneath. Using a raised platform in lieu of an expensive bed frame has also bee in vogue lately – not only it makes it easier to clean around the bed, you can even make use of the added storage space!

4. One Wetroom for All Your Needs

When you have several spaces that use water and are also spaces for relaxing activities, why not merge them together? Savvy homeowners today are turning their bathrooms into green sanctuaries with potted plants around their bathtubs, blurring the lines between a wash area and indoor garden. Taking it a step further, this space could also function as a wash area and even a laundry room!

To add a touch of nature to this space while keeping safe, Legacy by Niro Granite might be just what you’re looking for, which boasts an impressive concrete surface design and is enhanced with the Slip-Stop feature that increases friction in wet conditions. 

5. Business Loft

For those who own a business or have the flexibility of working from home, turning your loft into a home office is a great way of making use of the space. Not only does it provide a clear separation of your work and personal life, you get the benefit of cutting your utilities down to a single bill for added savings.

If you’re considering flooring options for your home office, we highly recommend the classy yet cosy look of Softwood by Niro Granite, which instantly puts you in the mindset to get work done. Be sure to check out our article on the best looks for your home office for more ideas and styles. 

We’re here if you need a full package solution. 

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