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Discover the Hottest 2022 Interior Trends

Discover the Hottest 2022 Interior Trends

The dawn of a new year brings with it new possibilities – and new exciting opportunities to explore! At Niro Granite, we have been scouting around to look at what everyone is up to, and we’ve discovered a few interesting trends that may be coming in hot for 2022.

From a revival of a style from 50 years ago to a new mode of living that encapsulates the responsible citizen’s response to climate change, these are the trends we are predicting for the coming year:

1. 70’s retro kickback

What goes around, comes around – and in the year 2022, that means we’re about to get funky. Just around the corner is a major revival of 70’s retro design trends and its unique pairing of vivid colours with every shade of brown.

If there’s something that the 70’s is known for (besides their love for bellbottom jeans), it’s plush rugs on wooden floors. While traditionally, there’s a lot of headache associated with maintaining a wooden floor, with today’s technology, you can have convincing wooden tiles in any shade you’d like that are just as easy to maintain as any other ceramic tile – have a look at Timbre-Land, for instance!

Rediscover the beauty of wood with Zirconio’s wood tiles.

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2. Curvy furniture

Extending from the revival of 70’s design, we’re also going to see the return of aggressively curvy furniture – from sofas to coffee tables, and even chair bases, get ready for an influx of rounded edges into your living spaces.

But what all curvy furniture need is a structured base to play off – which is where square tiles such as Lux 4.0 come in, to serve as a base that can help your furniture pieces stand out. What’s even better – there are tons of different shades for you to pick from to best complement your furniture shades!

3. Compact & multifunctional spaces

As more people move into urbanised environments, the more we’re going to see an increase in demand for spaces that do more with less. A sofa is never just a sofa – it can extend out to become a bed, or open up to reveal additional storage space; and a dining table, when not being used for meals, functions just as well as a work desk.

The compact and multifunctional spaces are growing more and more relevant, and also extends to aesthetics – how about a feature wall with Lux 4.0 that also helps maximise natural light in your space? Or a Terra-Arte countertop that serves up visual texture, but also provides a solid and heat-resistant surface for plating dishes? These are the considerations of the interiors of 2022.

4. Organic & sustainable materials

A lifestyle that’s in harmony with nature is going to be the new normal moving forward, as responsible living now also entails minimising one’s carbon footprint. Functionally, the use of renewable and/or recyclable materials such as glass, cork, and hemp lead the trend for wholesome and organic-looking interiors, while on the aesthetic front, stone-effect tiles such as Pedregal serve to reinforce one’s connection to nature while indoors.

Looking for more ideas? Let us help you!

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