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Elements of Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Elements of Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Everyone is familiar with the look of the mid-century modern home, even if they are not aware of what it is called. Originating in the United States following the end of World War 2, it rose in popularity in the 1950s – hence the name! Made popular by American movies and TV shows, the style has become synonymous with upper-middle-class comfort.

So what is it that makes the mid-century modern design stand out from all the other interior designing styles? For starters, mid-century modern home decor is recognisable for its clean lines and muted earthy colours with pops of bright hues that would later influence the minimalist movement. Mid-century modern design is also known for its fusion of organic and manmade materials, and retro style that calls back to an era of easy opulence.

Interested in creating your own mid-century home-inspired interior? Let’s look at some elements that you can incorporate into your space: 

Achieve the perfect organic look with our wood tiles. 


Mid-Century Modern Design Element #1: Oversized Windows 

In the past (and to a certain extent, the present as well) having large windows was a display of wealth: It communicated that the homeowner had the capital to have large glass panes made and installed and, lived in better neighbourhoods where the threat of crime was lower.  

Although times have changed, there are still compelling reasons to include oversized windows in your mid-century-inspired home. For one, it provides your home with plenty of eco-friendly illumination, and all that natural light can also have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Be careful when picking your flooring to match your windows – polished tiles will reflect light and cause indoor glares, so opt for structured or matt surface tiles instead, which are less reflective. 

Mid-Century Modern Design Element #2: Statement Sculpture 

In a mid-century modern home, a statement sculpture is just the thing you need to tie the whole place together. Not only does it impress any guests who walk in, but it can also speak your unique personality, and is also a great conversation starter! 

In modern times, where space is much more of a consideration than it was in the past, you could instead opt for stylish wall decorations in lieu of the statement sculpture. Vogue Grande and Portino Plus, our big slab tiles, do triple duty as a wall covering, an artistic statement, and a conversation starter that inspires. 

Mid-Century Modern Design Element #3: Curved Fixtures and Furnishings 

The notion of wealthy living may have changed over the last 7 decades, but in the 50s, it meant having a space that is as comfortable as can be. This means minimising hard edges and straight angles. Instead, a curved look is often preferred in the interior’s fixtures and finishings, such as the lights, countertops, and even accessories such as floor pillows and candlestick folders. 

As much as these curved lines are present everywhere you look in mid-century modern homes, they are often balanced out by the presence of structured geometries, such as square art pieces to decorate the walls. Today, you can also consider square floor tiles – whether in the standard 60x60cm or the larger 80x80cm – for the same effect. 

Mid-Century Modern Design Element #4: Rounded Furniture 

Building off the previous point, rounded furniture is another way mid-century modern design merges the notions of comfort and luxury. These furnitures were often custom-made or crafted by artisans back in the day, which adds to the uniqueness of every home. 

While the classic mid-century modern home would have gone for carpeted flooring to match these comfortable furnitures, a modern update would be to pair tiles with fabrics like rugs instead for a great balance between aesthetics and easy maintenance. 

Even though mid-century modern design originated so many decades ago, you can see how the movement can be kept alive through a few modern updates. 

Inspired to create your own designed space? 

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