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The Magic of Water Feature Area for Outdoors

The Magic of Water Feature Area for Outdoors

A water feature can be as simple as a wall fountain or an elaborate courtyard tiered fountain, a pond, or a pool. It has become popular additions as an outdoor feature in homes while in commercial buildings like airports, hotels and, shopping malls they serve as a tranquil retreat for their patrons. Besides being a good feng shui feature, it is an important focal point especially in landscaped gardens and if created tastefully, can enhance the value of a property.

In this article, our mosaic tile experts tell you how to get your magical water area in 3 easy steps using Muzze-Da mosaic tiles.

Step 1 – Colours

Mosaic tiles come in various colours. If your water feature area contains a water fountain, consider using tiles in subtle colours to make the fountain the main focal point. Soft brown and shades of grey are ideal for these spaces as they tend to reflect more light which in turn produces highlights on the water fountains.

For a dramatic look at the entire space, consider using darker colours as these colours tend to stand out from the rest of the surrounding area. Think about a mix and match option with multiple colours in the same space. A mix of lively mosaics set against neutral-coloured ones produces an elegant, detailed design.

Step 2 – Patterns

Different geometric shapes of mosaic tiles give the wall or floor of the water feature area a unique and fresh look. A mixture of different textures, shapes and colours create beautiful patterns that will help to produce an exclusive and spectacular water feature area. If your water feature area is large, be creative and use it as a drawing board to create artistic patterns.

Step 3 – Material

Selecting the right mosaic tile material can make a difference for your water feature area. Ceramic and stone-like mosaic tile designs are impressive and bright while contemporary glass mosaic tile brings shine into your space. Light bounces off these glass-like tiles easily thus, are good for outdoor water feature areas that face the sun. For a luxurious look, mosaics in matt surface will do the trick.

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