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Feature Wall Ideas For Your Home

Where to Put a Feature Wall? Ideas for Every Part of Your Home

One of the best ways to spruce up the overall look and feel of a space is by having a feature wall, or sometimes also called an accent wall. Instead of having 4 identical walls, the idea is to dress one up as the focal point of the room or create an additional backdrop layer, which can make your space feel wider, cosier, and more visually appealing.

Any room with walls can have a feature wall, which is what makes it so versatile. And you can make it out of anything, even wood panels and tiles!

Here is a quick rundown on the feature walls you can have in different parts of your home.

Living Room

The first thing one might think of when it comes to a living room feature wall is a special segment of wall behind the TV set, which is great! For those who may have opted to go without the TV, you could just as well make your feature wall the one behind your couch, or further indoors where the living room connects with another room.

As the living room is often the spot of first impression for guests, we would recommend anything that represents your unique identity, be it elegance through natural marble stones like Vogue Grande, or trendy white marble like Elysian.

Make a simple, stylish, and classic statement with Elysian.

Dining Room

Behind the living room, the dining area is another likely candidate for most-frequented area and for entertaining guests. The wall behind a counter or the back of a cabinet typically makes a good spot for a feature wall in a dining area, but in the absence of those things, a feature wall that runs parallel to the dining table is also a great option.

For the generally lower lights of the dining area, we would recommend going for something darker and more subdued for the feature wall here, such as Imperium. If you have a large blank wall without any decorations, you could also consider dressing it up with mosaic art that is sure to impress your guests.


Due to the heat, steam, and grease, kitchens tend to be more sensitive areas for most materials – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a feature wall here! In fact, a feature wall can double up as a protection for your wall from all the grease and heat. Something utilitarian, such as a splashback behind the stove or sink, could be an opportunity to create something pleasing to the eyes and inspiring to the imagination.

For the most part, we would recommend making sure anything you install in your kitchen on a semi-permanent basis has stain-resistant properties. Tiles are your best bet, as they are easy on maintenance.

Home Office

The home office is making a comeback due to the number of people now being allowed to work from home – providing an excellent opportunity to reimagine what it could look like! The wall behind your seat (also your background in most video calls) could be a great spot to do something interesting. Marble effect tiles like Natural & Abstract would be our typical go-to material for a timeless and classic look. Alternatively, some 3D effect tiles like Snow can also communicate an interesting outlook!

For more home office inspirations, read on with The Best Looks for Your Home Office.


What can you do with such a small space? Lots, as it turns out. Think about the spots frequented in a bathroom: the tub, the shower, and the sink are all places that could be vastly improved with the addition of a feature wall.

Just like the kitchen, one has to consider the material a little more carefully due to the state of constant wetness this space is in, but that does not limit your design choices by much. Have a gander at our take on the Top Backsplash Ideas for Kitchens & Bathrooms to get your creative juices flowing!


For the most part, you would want to place your feature wall where the bed touches the wall. However, if you have a window nook, that would be another great place for a feature wall as well.

As a deeply personal space to relax and recharge, you would want your bedroom to be as cosy as possible – which is why we’d recommend going for wood effect panelling like Eco-foresta or Krea to really channel those hygge energies.

Prefer to leave your home renovation to the professionals? Let us help.

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