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Geometric Design: Interior Aficionados’ Favourite

Geometric Design: Interior Aficionados’ Favourite

Triangle, Square, Circle, Hexagon, lines, patterns and shapes – these are Geometric patterns in the interior and they are becoming a fashionable trend in the design of living space. The geometric patterns create a versatile, timeless and elegant design. Its charismatic style and design can be used in many different interior styles.

The Herringbone and Hexagon

The Herringbone and Hexagon design are widely used Geometric patterns for floors in many interior space designs. They have recently evolved into wall designs as well.

Geometric designs are a simple and effective way to make a living space modern and expressive. They are usually applied on a focus area and not play a dominant role. Experimenting with shapes, colours, prints and sizes are so versatile that it expresses the Interior Designer’s creativity when adding in geometric patterns into a living space.

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