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Grandmillennial Design Concept

Grandmillennial Design is the New Chic

Move aside, minimalism: rattan chairs, patterned fabrics, and artful mismatch is now cool. Times are changing, and so are consumer spending habits: rather than buy brand-new furnishings for their homes, millennials are opting to restore and reuse the old-but-gold furniture from their parents’ and grandparents’ places – and just like that, a new design movement has emerged.

“Grandmillennial” is a portmanteau of “grandma” and “millennial”, referring to the new generation of homeowners’ predilection for a vintage look and feel that would have been trendy 50 years ago. Of course, this means that grandmillennial spaces around the world can look vastly different from each other, depending on their cultural roots – but we can point out some of the similarities between them:

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Embracing the Clutter

Everywhere you look, there’s always something interesting to see, whether it’s a collection of little porcelain figurines, the immaculately hand-embroidered pillowcases, or a wonderfully grainy wall. For grandmillennials, neatness comes secondary to expressing their unique individualism. Beneath the floor rugs (yes, they have floor rugs), the underfoot tiles are also patterned and interesting to look at – think Terra-arte or Muse.

Going Back to Nature

Whether it’s potted plants or floral prints, the grandma in grandmillennials aren’t fully realised unless nature is brought indoors – and we’re not talking about the tasteful piece of decorative stone, but actual leaves and petals. There’s also a conscious rejection of synthetic materials for natural ones: instead of plastic chairs and metal stools, you’d see furniture crafted from all kinds of wood that may or may not be covered in multiple layers of quilts and cushion covers.

P.S. We have some lovely nature- and wood-inspired tiles if the cabin look is what you’re going for – check out Ecoforesta and Krea!

Rejecting Technology

Ultra-widescreen TVs and iPads in the living room? Hard pass. After a full day of looking at screens, sending emails, and checking their phones for work messages, when they get home, the grandmillennial wants to disconnect and engage in some needlepointing or unwind with a nice cup of tea at a counter decked out in mosaics: we’re thinking something like Muzze-Da.

Ultimately, the new grandmillennial chic is all about emphasising comfort over modern aesthetic sensibilities, creating its own unique brand of aesthetics.

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