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How to Achieve the IKEA Look in Your Home

How to Achieve the IKEA Look in Your Home

Let’s be honest: who among us haven’t sat in an IKEA showroom and pretended that we lived there? Despite being housed in what is essentially a giant warehouse, their showrooms somehow manage to give that homey feeling that instantly puts you at ease, even though a steady stream of people are constantly passing through the space.

IKEA’s secret is basically their team of very qualified interior designers who tune every aspect of their showrooms for maximum aesthetic and physical comfort. Here’s the good news though: you won’t need to fork out big bucks on an interior designer to achieve the IKEA look. With a few simple design tips from us, you’ll be well on your way towards getting your showroom-ready home.

Go Minimalist

Simplicity and functionality are key – in practical terms, you’d want to go for a base look on your floors and walls that is as uncomplicated as possible, like Cementum or Natural & Abstract. In the same vein, your choice of fabrics should be mostly solids or patterned single colours.

While some are happy with a purely minimalist aesthetic, what we are aiming for isn’t quite the magazine-ready look, but a place you can truly call home – and what this does is create a strong foundation to add other stuff in later.

Use Lots of Wood

IKEA wouldn’t be a Scandinavian darling if not for its shared love of wood. Lighter than metal and more comfortable than plastic, wood pieces are not only practical but also pleasing to look at, as its presence communicates a sense of safety and comfort.

Love the look of wooden floors but worried about the maintenance? Fret not – Zirconio’s wood effect tiles offer you all the effortless majesty of wooden floors with none of the downsides.

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Add Natural Accents

Too many straight lines in a space often makes it feel cold and impersonal, which is where accents come in: to add some texture and asymmetry to your space. Woven baskets, rugs, and potted plants are all fantastic complements to your furniture and helps a space feel more lived-in.

The focus here is on natural materials, even inanimate ones such as decorative stones or functional pieces made from excess stone tiles. If you prefer to go big with your accents, you could also check out Vogue Grande, which is an art piece as much as it is a tile slab.

Add Quirky Pieces of Décor

What ultimately differentiates a showroom from a space you call home are the things that are uniquely you. For some, it can be art pieces, and for others, it could be their succulent collection. Whatever makes you and/or shows off your unique individuality, that’s what belongs in your home!

Anchored by your minimalist foundation, these quirky pieces stand out all the more without causing the space to feel cluttered or in need of tidying. If you prefer to keep your surfaces clear, don’t forget that flat surfaces can also be spruced up with some mosaic magic – have a look at our tips on buying mosaic tiles.

Use Pastels

Finally, cosying up your space with some light pops of pastel like warm yellow, sky blue, and baby pink will help to tie everything together and breathe life into your home, not to mention making it Instagram-worthy!

Soft, fresh, and calming, these are the colours that remind us of nature and helps put our brains into an unwinding mood, which is just what you’d need for a space to call home.

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