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How to Achieve the Parisian Look

How to Achieve the Parisian Look

Paris – the city of romance and good coffee. At one point in history, it was considered the pinnacle of civilisation! There are many things to love about the city, but the one thing that’s definitely near the top of everyone’s list is how effortlessly chic their interior spaces look.

If you also love the uniquely carefree yet stylish look of Parisian homes, read on with our tips on how you can achieve the Parisian look:

1. Don’t Stress Out On Living Space Designs

The French are lovers of life and leisure – it simply isn’t in their nature to fuss and fret over getting every detail perfect, and neither should you! The “let it be” attitude permeates much of French culture, from their fashion sense and yes, even their interiors.

In fact, the very same “don’t care too much” attitude is what gives the Parisian look its unique identity: playing fast and loose with design rules, throwing things together and see how it works out, and most importantly, being free to do whatever one wants. So don’t stress too hard about following any set of rules – not even ours!

Keep your worries far away with expert help.

2. Mix & Match Anything & Everything

With multigenerational homes that have been passed on through the family for centuries, Parisians had already embraced the Grandmillennial style before it was even a thing! Walking into a Parisian home, within two steps you might bump into two pieces that were brought into the space a hundred years apart.

We have said before that mixing & matching different tiles can lead to really interesting results – in achieving the Parisian look, you can go even crazier with the matching – wooden floor with Timbre-Land and marble wall with Vogue Grande? Why not!

3. Focus on Personality Over Design Trends

Design trends can come and go, but much like how a tailored outfit will fit you better than any designer outfit, an interior suited to your unique personal style will be better than any trendy look, in the long run.

When it comes to crafting your personal style: Don’t feel the need to play it safe! Go for bold colours, interesting patterns, and décor items that suit your lifestyle. For a charming outlook on your floor, try out Terra-Arte or Muse.

4. Appreciate Good Art

If there’s something else Parisians are known for, it is their impeccable taste in art. Every empty spot is an opportunity for appreciating art, so go ahead and hang up some oil paintings or portraits!

Art is not necessarily limited to paintings either: plaster detailing also features strongly in Parisian interior design, which you can replicate with our wall tiles such as S. Thomas and Venato.

5. Throw Open the Doors & Windows

Finally, natural light and airflow are incredibly important for Parisian homes: you’d notice that from the smallest apartments to the grandest ballrooms, they all tend to have large clear windows that can be thrown open to allow the light and breeze in.

Do you feel inspired to create your very own Parisian space? Contact our designers and let us give you a detailed recommendation!

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