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How to Create an Unconventional Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree Guide for 2023  

The holidays are a time for spreading joy, reconnecting with loved ones, and, of course, adorning our homes with festive decorations. While traditional Christmas trees are undoubtedly beloved, theres something undeniably charming about exploring unconventional décor options. 

This year, why not consider assembling an alternative Christmas tree as a sustainable, eco-friendly, and space saving alternative? Here are some ideas.

Book Christmas Tree 

A Book Christmas tree is a creative way to display your favourite books and add a touch of literary charm to your holiday décor. Not to mention, it also frees up space on your bookshelf for your seasonal decorations and makes for a great conversation starter when guests are over! 

 If you’re not a book-person then paper cups, shoe boxes, or anything cylindrical will do the trick too.

Wood Slice Christmas Tree 

Besides making great coasters and keychains, wood slices – whether natural or synthetic – can also be assembled to make a rustic and natural looking alternative Christmas tree, plus they look great with the usual ornaments of pinecones and berries! For a tabletop version, you could simply stack the wood slices donut-style, then hang string lights around its exterior to complete the look. 

Other Creative Ideas we’ve seen Christmas trees built using a ladder (for that triangular shape) or foamboards, drawn on a chalkboard, through an arrangement of shelves on the wall, and sticking colourful cards on the wall. Creativity is the key.

Tiles Christmas Tree 

At Niro Ceramic Group, every year we set up our annual tiles Christmas tree that is assembled from the ground up using tiles and tile samples from our own warehouse.  

This year, if you’re interested in crafting your very own tiles Christmas tree, here’s our guide on how you can set up your very own:

Gathering Your Materials 

Before embarking on this DIY project, gather the following materials: 

  • A variety of excess tiles and tile samples in various colours, shapes, and sizes 
  • A sturdy base, such as a piece of plywood or a corkboard 
  • Traditional Christmas ornaments, such as balls, stars, and tinsel 
  • String lights 

Creating the Tree  

 1. Choose a Layout

Decide on the general shape and size of your tile tree. For a classic Christmas tree silhouette, you would want a general triangular shape. Alternatively, you can try more abstract or geometric designs for creative reinterpretations of the traditional Christmas tree shape. 

2. Start Stacking Tiles or your chosen material

Carefully begin stacking your tiles starting at the base, ensuring they are stable before working your way up. To create a colourful and vibrant tree that truly celebrates the spirit of the season, you’d want to combine different designs or colours. For tiles, we combine different surfaces, including glossy, matt, and even silky surface tiles.  

3. Decorate the Tree

Once the tree structure is complete, it’s time to add festive ornaments. Use traditional Christmas ornaments, such as stars, tinsel, string lights, ribbons, and miniature figurines to decorate the tile Christmas tree. Mix and match ornaments of various sizes, colours, and shapes to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement.

Alternative Ornament Ideas 

While traditional Christmas ornaments complement the tile tree beautifully, don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative options: 

  • Natural Elements: Incorporate pinecones, dried berries, or cinnamon sticks to add a touch of rustic charm. 
  • Handmade Crafts: Create your ornaments using colourful paper, felt, or beads, adding a personal touch to your tile tree. 
  • Upcycled Materials: Transform old buttons, bottle caps, or even discarded jewellery into unique ornaments, giving them a new lease on life. 

The key to crafting a stunning tile tree lies in embracing creativity and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations of tiles, ornaments, and decorative elements until you achieve the festive look that suits your taste and style.  

When the festive season is over and it’s time to keep the tree away, simply disassemble the tree starting with the decorations, followed by the base materials starting from the topmost layer and working your way down. Store all these away and they will all be there again when you need them next!

Get more design ideas from our professional design team. 

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