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How To Design Your Own Home Gym

How To Design Your Own Home Gym

Ever thought of having your personal gym? Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind, but you have put the thought aside due to cost or space issues, or because it required some home reorganisation. In these pandemic times when we are stuck indoors, however, it might be a good time to revisit the thought – especially since exercise can help boost mental wellness along with physical wellness.

Stay-at-home orders aside, there are plenty of reasons to create your own home gym. Firstly, you save yourself the cost of a gym membership, not to mention the cost of driving or commuting out and the money you might spend on gym-appropriate workout gear. Secondly, you also save yourself the time and hassle of heading out and the time waiting for the workout machines to be free. Lastly, the pandemic has definitely left us all with an acute awareness of how often we are inhaling aerosolised droplets released in confined spaces – understandably, some would want to avoid that entirely.

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You don’t need a lot of space for a home gym, contrary to popular belief. Enough space to store your equipment and to do a full range of motion is all you need. Here are some of our tips on how you can spruce up a spare room into your focus zone to get fit.

Make It Bright!

If you can, place your home gym where you can get lots of natural light for a serotonin boost whenever you exercise, helping you keep calm and focused. For privacy and to filter direct sunlight, you may consider sheers or a light-filtering shade on your windows. If you prefer to do your workouts at night, make sure to use broad overhead lighting with bright LEDs to reduce eye strain.

For the colour scheme, you would want to go for either happy or energetic colours, depending on the intensity of your workout – bright colours such as yellow, orange, pink, and red can help put you in the right frame of mind and give you a mental boost.

Make Space For A Mirror

Wherever you choose to make your home gym, be sure to leave space for a full-length mirror. It should be large enough so you can see your entire body to ensure proper form when you exercise. Design-wise, it helps to amplify the sense of space and also reflects light all around the room.

Another way to increase the sense of space is to use large format tiles – check out Vogue Grande for majestic pieces that can double as a backdrop for your mirror.

Be Mindful Of Your Flooring

To avoid risking injury, ensure that your flooring provides proper traction for your workout. Hardwood, porcelain tiles, and natural stone tend to be harder and more slippery, so you may require additional support to ensure your safety. You could consider Legacy, a part of our Slip-Stop collection, which looks great in a home gym and has impressive anti-slip properties.

Make It Uniquely You!

The best part about having a home gym is that it can be anything you want it to be – so go ahead and add a splash of paint, a potted plant, or a piece of art that inspires you! For a retro and quirky look on your walls, check out Terra-Arte and Muse, or S. Thomas for a more subdued look.

To be sure that your flooring is well-equipped for a home gym, the selection of highly durable and anti slip tiles made for outdoors should do. Discover more designs that suit your personal style in our outdoor tiles collection.

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