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How to Hygge: Scandinavian Interior Design Tips

How to Hygge: Scandinavian Interior Design Tips

Who doesn’t love the aesthetic that has been a popular theme since the 1950s? In many ways, Scandinavian design has been the go-to ideal in many of our minds to create a cosy, comfortable, and homey interior space.

Part of what creates this feeling is hygge, which is more a mood than a set of design rules. Hygge emphasises cosiness and comfortable contentment which comes as much from one’s external environment as from one’s inner state of being.

Without further ado, here are our design tips to achieve that unique Scandinavian aesthetic.

Feel Good With Wood

Exposed timber beams and wooden flooring are the cornerstones of Scandinavian design – think Woodlands or ZR Barnwood. The idea behind using wood, besides its innate rustic appeal, is also because of the living warmth it exudes.

With shades ranging from light maple to dark oak, you can create virtually any ambience you’d like. If you’re feeling more hands-on, check out our article on Wood Tile Installation!

Also check out Krea for more wood grain inspirations.

Proper lighting is also essential to your safety – if your porch paving is on the darker side, you may want to consider cranking up the brightness of your outdoor lights, whereas you could get away with dimmer lights if your outdoor flooring comes in lighter shades.

Mix And Match Textures And Styles

Part of the appeal of Scandinavian design is also its artful mismatch. Clean-lined furniture and hard wooden floors are matched with plush and textured fabrics that help soften the look.

Besides mixing materials, Scandinavian design’s modern-minimalist sensibilities open itself up to combinations with other décor styles as well. Don’t be afraid to switch gears with industrial-themed flooring like Rust, or a mid-century modern rug if that’s what you like!

If wooden flooring is not your style, you might be interested to know that Terrazzo has been making a comeback in Scandinavian homes as a way of subtly adding texture while keeping the tone neutral.

Also check out our article on Grandmillennial Design for more artful mismatch inspirations.

Anchor The Mood With Neutral Colours

At heart, hygge is less like an exciting, energetic party and more like a lazy morning with a hot cup of chocolate – and so it is reflected in Scandinavian design ideals too. Accompanying the wooden shades of brown are typically soft greys, beiges, and off-whites that help to keep a comfortable sense of balance visually.

Neutral doesn’t mean boring, however – pops of colour and playing with contrast can also help create dramatic statements, and clever use of accent lighting can introduce depth to a space. Have a look at Etruria and Snow for examples of neutral colour tiles that still manage to be visually pleasing on their own.

Bask In The Warmth Of Natural & Firelight

To tie everything together, Scandinavian design places much emphasis on the lighting of a space. During the daytime, the neutral colours of the interior help to bathe the entire space in natural sunlight, while at night, the lights are dimmed to an orange-yellow reminiscent of firelight that plays off the warm wood grains to keep the mood warm and cosy.

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