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How to Incorporate Slate Tiles into Your Home Design

How to Incorporate Slate Tiles into Your Home Design

Slate tiles have remained a natural, attractive flooring choice. The characteristics of slate tiles are mostly earth toned which vary exquisitely. With digital technology, the surface texture of the metamorphic slate rock are mimicked producing tiles that are suitable for any indoor and outdoor living space design.

So how can one easily incorporate slate tiles into one’s home design? Check out our concrete tiles here!

design your home with slate tiles

How do you design your home with slate tiles in mind?

Choosing the right colour schemes

Though slate is a natural and beautiful stone, its many colour variations sometimes pose a decorating dilemma when trying to find complementary colours for your walls.

Here are a few colours that can complement your slate tiles:

  • Crisp white — Whether your slate floors are a solid colour or a blend of browns and greys, white helps to create a crisp and clean contrast in your room.
  • Warm beige or wood — Beige or wood is extremely cohesive with slate flooring, as slate incorporates a wide variety of colours, all in the earth-tone family. Any variation of beige or wood colours will help to add warmth and comfort to your room.
  • Cloudy blue or grey — Variations of blue-grey add a sense of tranquillity and peace to your room and are visually appealing companions to your slate tiles. Opt for blue colours near the grey side of the spectrum and avoid turquoise or bright blues.

Matching your slate tiles with the right lighting

Lighting is an important layer of any home design, but it’s especially vital in rooms decorated with natural-looking surfaces like slate tiles.

That’s because these designs often absorb the natural light instead of reflecting it, so using the right lighting is key in giving the room a bright appearance. Use plenty of downlights, lamps with fabric shades or even track lights.

Making sure the surroundings decorations fit the tile

Furniture in black or white finishes can help give a room with lighter coloured slate tiles a dash of a contemporary look.

That’s because the design on the slate tiles looks aged similar to the natural slate rocks, and while it is an appropriate backdrop for natural-coloured wood, black or white pieces of furniture can give a more sleek and contemporary look to your home design.

What can you do with Slate Tiles in your home design?

● Flooring

Slate tiles have the perfect look for floors. They are an even classier option for areas such as bathroom flooring. These slate tiles bring an awe-inspiring essence of natural stone which adds a classy and in-depth look to the flooring. Also, tiles are generally easily maintained and often low-maintenance, requiring simple cleaning to keep them clean, making them perfect for bathroom flooring.

● Walls or a feature wall

Slate tiles can come in many different types, shapes, colours and textures.

For this reason, it adds great depth to your walls or even a fantastic feature wall! It can be used for the outside of a home or for the inside.

A slate-tiled decorated wall adds visual depth and texture to any home space, especially if there is natural light. This is because angled skylights will show-off the texture and depth of your slate wall tiles!

Moreover, with slate tiles ranging in a variety of colours including dark grey, black and even gold, red and many more, the textured and design of slate tiles will provide the sought-after rustic look that some may prefer.

Even if that’s not the style you’re looking for, slate tiles can still offer minimal, modern and rugged looks that will make your slate-tiled wall sleeker than ever.

● Outdoor areas

If you’re looking for a natural stone look for your outdoor areas, then the slate tiles style is the choice for you. They are perfect for the outdoors as well for its surface design are mostly matt with a rougher textured surface and varied colouring. These features make slate tiles a good choice for the outdoors as they can help hide both dirt and slight damage very well because of its unique appearance. They are even perfect to dial up the style when creating walkways for the outdoors or even as a flagstones for a patio. The slate tiles look would make the appearance of your outdoors more striking and would also add strength to your outdoor space aesthetically.

Slate tiles for floors
slate tiles for wall

Looking for gorgeous & high-quality slate tiles?

Whether it’s to add warmth and comfort or to dial-up the style, slate tiles are great for home designs as they are highly customisable.

If you’re looking for beautiful slate tiles, give Niro Granite a try. Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you customize and design your home to its full potential!

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Need help Designing with Slate Tiles?

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