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How to Match Continuous Tile Veins with Liquida by Portino 

How to Match Continuous Tile Veins with Liquida by Portino 

Liquida tiles by Portino provides the unique opportunity to create a seamless look across a wall or floor through matching continuous tile veins, where the marble veins on each tile in a series flow continuously from one face to another.

What are tile faces? 

Tile faces refer to the differences looks a tile can have in a single design series. This allows for a variety of looks that more or less matches each other while keeping to the same visual theme, which is desirable especially when it comes to natural-looking design such as wood, marble, or stone. To understand more about variations in tile design, check out our primer on tile shade variations.  

With Portino Liquida tiles, the faces within any design are made to match one another when arranged in a grid. To get the tile veins to line up, the installer must install the tiles following the direction of the arrow indicated on the back of the tile.

While there are 5 different designs within the Liquida tile series, the methods to match their tile veins can be grouped into 2 categories: 

Matching Marble Tile Veins on Liquida PLD01, PLD02, & PLD03

With the first 3 designs on Liquida, matching the veins is exceptionally easy, as each face of the tile is designed to flow into the next seamlessly as long as the arrows are installed facing the right direction. Consider the following examples using PLD02, where each number corresponds to the faces available in this design:

Some examples of continuous design between faces on PLD02 

From this example, you can see how the veins from each face flow seamlessly into any of the other faces without interrupting the design, whether arranged horizontally or vertically from each other. When assembled over a wide area, the continuous look is more pronounced, as can be seen in this rendering:

An example of PLD02 applied on the floor 

Matching Marble Tile Veins on PLD04 & PLD05

With the latter 2 designs from Liquida tiles, the designs are slightly less modular, as the designs on PLD04 and PLD05 are bolder and the veins more pronounced. With these designs, the tiles must be laid sequentially, i.e. according to an ascending series. Refer to the following example using PLD04 on how the designs should be matched:

An example of continuous design between faces on PLD04 

Given a small trade-off in freedom of mixing and matching, PLD04 and PLD05 offers a much stronger design while still retaining the ease of creating a seamless design across a floor space or feature wall, such as in the following image:

An example of PLD04 used as a feature wall 

We hope this has been helpful. Happy mixing and matching! 

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