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How to Match Grout Colour with Tiles 

How to Match Grout Colour with Tiles 

You’ve meticulously chosen the perfect tiles to bring your design vision to life. But before you rush into installation, there’s one more crucial element to consider: grout colour. Often overlooked, grout plays a surprisingly significant role in the overall aesthetic of your tiled space. 

What is grout?

Grout is a filling material – either cementitious or epoxy – that seals tile gaps from dirt and moisture. Grout can improve the overall appearance of an installation by matching the colour of the tiles, and also contributes to the overall durability of the tiling system. 

Our design experts are here to guide you through the exciting world of grout colours, helping you achieve a look that complements your chosen tiles and elevates your entire project. Let’s explore: 

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1.Tile Colour 

Consider the overall tone of your tiles. Light-coloured tiles, like Niro Granite Slim, pair beautifully with slightly lighter or similar-toned grouts for a bright and airy feel. Darker tiles like Legnix offer more flexibility – you can go bold with contrasting grout or achieve a sophisticated, monochromatic look with a close match. 

2.Tile Finish

The finish of your tiles can also influence grout selection. For glossy tiles, a grout colour that matches the reflective quality can create a sleek, uninterrupted look. Conversely, with matt surface finishes, a contrasting grout can add depth and definition. 

Tile Pattern

For patterned or geometrically cut tiles like Natural & Abstract, you have the option to either highlight the pattern with a contrasting grout or create a more unified look by matching the grout to a dominant colour within the pattern. 

Remember, grout can also be used strategically to create a specific mood. Darker grouts can add a touch of drama, while lighter ones promote a sense of spaciousness. 

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