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How To Select The Right Non-Slip Tiles For Home Safety

How To Select The Right Non-Slip Tiles For Home Safety

Ask anyone young or old, slips and trips can happen anywhere at anytime!

Slips and falls due to slippery surfaces are some of the most common causes of injuries around the world – yet they are often preventable.

For example, choosing tiles with slip resistance can prevent such accidents and enhance safety for both homes, businesses and public areas!

In this article, let’s discuss a few tips on the key benefits of non-slip tiles and how to choose non-slip kitchen tiles as well as non-slip bathroom tiles!

What are non-slip tiles and how do they work?

Non-slip tiles provide the same style and durability as other porcelain and ceramic tiles but produced differently to make it non-slip. This may include adding a coating on the tile that reduces the risk of slipping or producing the tile differently with anti-slip effect added on.


Niro Granite’s slip-stop surface is a revolutionary product that offers a smooth surface but produces an anti-slip effect when in contact with moisture!


Produced via a special infusion onto the surface of glazed porcelain tiles, it produces increased friction in wet conditions as well as durability. Based on the Pendulum Test, with a rating of P0 – P5 where P5 has the highest slip resistance, the Niro Granite’s Slip-Stop tiles come with a rating of P4.


In fact, Niro Granite’s Slip-Stop tiles have also been tested for stain resistance and, on the scale of Class 1 to Class 5 (Class 5 being the highest resistance to stains), the surface has achieved a minimum of Class 4!


Thus, with protection from accidents on slippery floors, this anti-slip surface comes in handy for areas that are prone to water accumulation, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, and are especially ideal for households with elderly folk and children.


What are the main things to look for in non-slip tiles?

  • Excellent anti-slip effect when wet, resistance to accidents on slippery floors
  • Easy to clean and maintain, stain resistant
  • Anti-slip with a high durability surface
  • Able to be used indoors and outdoors and create seamless designs

Why are non-slip tiles or slip-stop tiles important for your home?

  • It proves peace-of-mind on safety

Non-slip tiles help prevent major accidents that can happen otherwise. Therefore, it is a must in all wet areas in the house, especially the bathrooms.

  • It is cost effective compared to other options

Non-slip tiles are extremely cost effective compared to other solutions – making your surface anti-slip provide you with cost savings
in the long run.

  • It is low-maintenance

Non-slip tiles are often low on maintenance costs and also easy to clean, as they are stain-resistant.

  • It is highly durable

Non-slip tiles are extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Bathrooms are heavy traffic areas that are frequently used in the house. Therefore, the durability of the floor is crucial, and with the use of these tiles you can be assured of it.

  • It’s often flexible in design

These tiles are available in various impressive designs, themes, and sizes to ensure you do not have to compromise on the design and theme of your bathroom!

What are the types of non-slip tiles available for your bathroom and kitchen?

● Pedregal by Niro Granite

Retaining the conventional look of asymmetrical designs and imaginations, Pedregal by Niro Granite is a contemporary stoneware of tiles crafted from the inspiration of the prestigious Italian stone Ceppo di Gré.

In addition to its fantastic non-slip properties (it’s made with slip stop technology), Pedegral stylishly adopts ubiquitous and elegant characteristics that paradoxically draws attention with its grey hues from natural stone!

● Legacy by Niro Granite

Narrating the essence of mother nature, Legacy is designed after the pattern inspired by cipollino marble, an Italian stone from Tuscany.

The design articulates the depth and durability where both offer an exceptional aesthetic characteristic of Italian stone.

This tile collection consists of 3 colours and it comes with a slip-stop surface that is practical when applied at areas that are prone to water accumulation, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas.

Enjoy both safety and style with Niro Granite’s non-slip tiles for your kitchen and bathroom

Non-slip kitchen tiles, such as Niro Granite’s Pedregal and Legacy tiles, are great for kitchens or bathrooms as they provide additional safety!

If you’re looking for non-slip kitchen tiles or non-slip bathroom tiles give Niro Granite a try. Speak to us today – visit our website at https://www.nirogranite.com

Need help deciding on which Non-slip Tiles are the best for your home?

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