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Ideas To Turn Your Balcony Into The Great Outdoors

Ideas To Turn Your Balcony Into The Great Outdoors

Ninety percent of balconies in homes and offices in Malaysia are either neglected spaces or filled with broken outdoor furniture. These small, wasted spaces can be creatively transformed into an alluring hangout or a space for relaxing and entertaining. After all, spaces with an outdoor view are precious these days during lockdowns.

A classic apartment or condominium balcony during the handover by housing developers consists of concrete floor that is devoid of personality. Fortunately, there are many ways to reconstruct boring slabs with affordable tiles. When thinking about flooring for balconies, it has similar needs to any outdoor flooring where it is susceptible to moisture, harsh weather, and heat. That is besides your preferred design, theme, or usage. It is also important for the tile to have anti-slip features for safety purposes in some instances.

Here are a few ideas where the tiny outdoor space is turned into a living space that you could never resist.

A Home Office Out In The Open

Home offices are one of the most needed spaces caused by the trending work-from-home adage. Here, the natural marble-designed tiles on the wall and floor make the space into an elegant terrace. Large windows close up the area allowing the usage of smooth porcelain tiles as it is not confronted with water or moisture.

An Indoor But Outdoor Miniature Garden

The small area facing the sun will be a paradise for your favourite plants. The plants will thrive with enough sunlight and care that it gets. The balcony is converted into a Japanese-themed space with wood-designed tiles that are known to be the better option than natural wood due to its durability and resistance to water and moisture. Besides feasting your eyes on a harmonious balcony design, it beautifies your entire home too.

One Space For All Laundry Area

Turning the balcony space into a laundry area would be an incredible idea as it will be a convenient all-in-one area where almost the entire laundry process is done in one space. Be careful to place the washing machine in a shielded area where the electrical wirings are protected from moisture or water. The perfect tiles would be ones which surface is structured or has anti-slip properties.

A Remarkable Outdoor Lounge

Who says entertaining has to be done indoors? Bring it out to the balcony for a wonderful time outdoors but in your home. If your balcony is on the large side, fit some outdoor-resistant sofa that would sit your guests comfortably. In an open space exposed to moisture and rain, the wall can be tiled to avoid unnecessary yearly painting jobs while cool grey shades of structured stone tiles create a natural yet sophisticated design that makes the balcony an attractive hangout.

A Space For Yoga

If enough hasn’t been said about turning your home into a liveable space for everything during lockdowns, your balcony is definitely a good space for some exercise. With fresh air, a good view, and the sounds of nature, it is a conducive place for your yoga. Tiles naturally feel cooler under the feet than any other flooring material thus there is no worry about the heat if doing yoga without the usual mat.

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