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Interior Design for Men

Every Man Needs A Space at Home

As much as women are into fashion, men do have their own fashion sense for their living space too. There are homes or living spaces where you’ll know that it is dwelled by a bachelor or is a man cave just by looking at the colour, theme, or the home accessories. So, what makes a classy, liveable man cave rather than a disorganized bachelor pad? Here, we discuss creating an ideal space for men in a home.

Dark Knights in Shining Armor

Men tend to sway towards the darker colour schemes. Dark blue, olive, grey, brown and black are masculine colours and they are good base colours of a room. A black marble floor, for example, creates an alluring, mysterious, and elegant look, upgrading the overall style of space effortlessly. Warm or cool grey floor tiles reflect natural stones or cement and they are neutral colours with no personality of its own that it matches almost any other colour.

Men and The Industrial Design

Men played an important role during the Industrial Revolution and now utilitarian materials such as wood, metal, and cement have become an essential form and function in home design, and especially so in a man-cave. Stripped, cement-like flooring works well with metal accessories or wooden furniture. Exposed bricks, piping and ceiling beams will elevate the industrial design further.

Monochromes: The 50 Shades of Grey

Monochromatic colours are one colour or multiple shades of one colour. In interior design, monochromes largely refer to black and white or greyscale designs and display the bold and polished look, which is the reason why it resonates well with men. The flooring option that works well in monochrome designs is usually plain black or white, like Niro Granite’s Marmo white or noir. Adding a touch of colour through an art piece or the sheets in a bedroom would bring the ambience to life.

Masculine Home Accessories

Stoneware, statues, vintage books with hardcovers and anything leather are masculine type of home accessories that men prefers. Large pieces of leather sofas bring the timeless, classic feel to the room and are good combinations in a room with dark wood-tile floors. For a home office or study room, chromed reading lights on a wooden table with bookshelves for storage helps in emphasizing the masculinity of the space.

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