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Interior Design Ideas Using Shades of Red

Interior Design Ideas Using Shades of Red

With its eye-catching and vivid shades, the colour red has always captured our attention. Historically, it has become ingrained in our collective cultures as a colour symbolising passion, excitement, sensuality, energy, and vigour – among other things. No wonder we just can’t get enough of it in our homes, where our lives happen!

When making use of strong colours, conventional wisdom would advise you to use them sparingly as accents, and with the deeper or mellower shades, you can make more generous use of them. But in the interior design landscape of 2022, we’re daring everyone to go bold and express themselves in all the ways they’ve always wanted to!

Are you looking to redecorate your home? Check out the gallery below for some great ideas on designing your interiors using shades of red to their best effect:

Are you looking for ideas for commercial spaces? We’ve got you covered as well. Have a look at these ideas for using red in commercial spaces:

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