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Kitchen Styling Tips: Backsplash Tiles For Your Space

Kitchen Styling Tips: Backsplash Tiles For Your Space

If you’re an avid home cook, you will know that your kitchen backsplash isn’t just the decorative focal point of your kitchen. Sure, it adds visual flair and sets the design mood for your kitchen, but it is also a functional feature for your kitchen.

Backsplash tiles or ’tile backsplashes’ are added to wall designs to protect the wall over the stove or sink from splashes of water, grease, and food spatter.

Today, backsplash tiles have started to become the focus of kitchen designs, becoming taller, covering more space, and becoming more elaborate. They feature various colours, shapes, sizes, and materials.

Before we talk about design, let’s first understand how to begin choosing backsplash tiles for your kitchen space.

How to Choose Backsplash Tiles For Your Kitchen?

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First, make sure your counter top and cabinets are confirmed before anything else

Before deciding on your kitchen backsplash tiles, decide on your counter top and cabinets. Backsplash tiles should follow a decision on the type of counter top and cabinets!

A good tip here is to choose a neutral and classic counter top and cabinet. With that, any backsplash will complement their look and feel easily!

In fact, if your cabinets and counter top are decidedly neutral, you’ll be able to have fun with patterned or colourful kitchen backsplash tiles!

Consider how it fits into the mood and style of your home

Make sure that your kitchen backsplash is in sync with the style of your home. This way, you can have an easier decision path on the colours and pattern of your kitchen backsplash tiles.

For example, white subway tiles work well in a farmhouse style home. Glass tiles will fit into an elegant classic home, while colourful cement tiles can be perfect for an eclectic vintage style.

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Measure and determine the size of your kitchen backsplash

Traditionally, a kitchen backsplash runs from your kitchen counter top all the way to the bottom of the cabinet.

However, today’s trend of open shelving or even bare upper walls for modern kitchens might change the way kitchen backsplash tiles are used to make the kitchen less cluttered.

For example, kitchen backsplashes can even run all the way up to the ceiling for a beautiful and functional feature wall.

Choosing Your Kitchen Backsplash Design

Now, the time for the vital decision on your kitchen backsplash tiles has come.

1. Try to either complement or contrast against your kitchen

You can do this either via matching the kitchen backsplash tiles to your home or intentionally mismatching it for some variation. The same technique can be used for other parts of your home.

Think of it this way – complementary patterns and colours can create a harmonious look to the entire kitchen while contrasting patterns and colours add personality and excitement to the space.

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Ceramic tiles
Stone tiles

2. The Type of Tile Matters

The design of tiles is not without considering the material of the tile because it would dictate the overall ambiance it can create for a room, in our case, your kitchen.

Now that you have the design locked down, here are two common favourite backsplash tile types that you can consider for your kitchen:

● Ceramic tiles

Through trends and fads, ceramic tiles retain their popularity due to their easy-to-maintain, durable, versatile, and often inexpensive nature.

They also come in a large choice of shapes, colours, patterns and sizes, making them much more versatile in fitting your design vision and choices.

The method of which they’re installed can also add personality to your kitchen. This includes combining sizes, using accent tiles and more. Adding to that is the ease of maintenance, where all one needs to do is clean it once in a while!

● Stone tiles

Otherwise, natural stone tiles as your kitchen backsplash tile can lend a textured and organic design to your kitchen. For example, marble tiles can exude a chic elegance. Slate tiles give an earthy character.

If you’re looking for something different, Niro Granite has other types of tile designs and surfaces that you can consider.

Looking for gorgeous & high-quality tiles for your kitchen backsplash?

Whether it’s to add warmth and comfort or to dial-up the style, kitchen backsplash tiles are great for designs as they are highly customisable.

If you’re looking for beautiful tiles to build a kitchen backsplash of your dreams, give Niro Granite a try. Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you customize and design your kitchen to its full potential!

Speak to us today – visit our website at https://www.nirogranite.com

For consultation and recommendations for your projects and more, we’re more than happy to help.

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