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How to Use Let’s Visualize

How to Instantly Transform Your Space with Let’s Visualize 

With Let’s Visualize now available, visualising your space is just a few taps away on your computer, tablet, or smartphone! This powerful cutting-edge tool instantly scans and identifies the wall and floor in any image you upload, allowing you to instantly transform your space with our extensive range of tiles. 

Curious how to use it? Follow the steps below and you will be all set: 

Take a picture of your space

Using a camera, snap a photo of the space that you want to transform. Let’s Visualize works best when your space is well-lit and uncluttered, without any large reflective surfaces, e.g. dressing mirrors. 

Open Let’s Visualize

Open up Let’s Visualize by clicking on the shortcut at our frontpage on www.nirogranite.com or by going to www.nirogranite.com/lets-visualize

Upload your picture

Upload the photo you have taken into Let’s Visualize. This should take only a few seconds. 

Click on the floor or wall to replace the tiles

After your photo is uploaded, icons will appear where Let’s Visualize has identified your floor and walls are. Tapping on the icons will bring up a list of possible tiles that can be installed there.

Try out different designs to find the best combination

With over 300 different tile designs, there are loads of combinations to try out and so many different styles to explore! Swap out the tiles to find the combination that you like

Save your picture

When you find a combination you like, you can save the picture for future reference, or to show it to a designer or dealer who will know how to assist you with getting the tiles in your image. 

Try out Let’s Visualize now.

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