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Live in 3031 with Futuristic Design Inspirations

Live in 3031 with Futuristic Design Inspirations

Neon-lit monochromatic surfaces, asymmetry sleek curves and angular geometries wherever you set your eyes: these are the distinctive hallmarks of futuristic design.

Originating in Italy in the early 1900s, futurism was an artistic and social movement that sought liberation from the past, emphasising dynamism, technology, and youth. Realism was abandoned for intuition, where designs, as thoughts, could flow just as well as they could take sharp turns – influencing later movements such as Art Deco and Constructivism, which produced monuments of the modern age such as the Empire State Building and even inspired the design of a BMW.

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The new wave of futuristic design that we see today emerging in various parts of the world is known as neo-futurism, which emphasises the meeting of ultramodern materials and sensibilities with the concepts of sustainability and harmony with nature. Whichever flavour of futurism you like best, we have some recommendations for you:

Clean and plain surfaces play a huge role in creating the futuristic look: countertops and surfaces are typically a glossy monochromatic, like what you might see on our Niro Granite Marmo series.

When it comes to the flooring, there is a whole breadth of options to pick from: it can be laminated or tiled for a contemporary futuristic look, but one might also go for marble tiles with earthy tones, like Dolomiti 2.0, to evoke a retro-futuristic atmosphere, like something from a H.G. Wells or Jules Verne book.

If you’re not keen on going all in on the look, you could always balance out the flooring with natural wood elements with tiles like Niro Granite’s Eco-foresta and Zirconio Barnwood. Alternatively, you could also try out concrete elements, such as Cementum, for a more industrial feel.

While one might imagine futuristic walls to just be long stretches of plain surfaces backlit with LEDs, it doesn’t have to be so: wall murals composed of primary-coloured tiles or subtle repeating geometric shapes like those on Zirconio’s S. Thomas and Snow could complete the look just as well – or Venato if you prefer something bolder.

Whether you prefer your futuristic interior to be far out or a little closer to reality, you really can’t go wrong with Niro Granite’s or Zirconio’s timeless designs that are stylish as they are durable.

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