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Matching Your Kitchen Carts To Tiles & Kitchen Aesthetics

Matching Your Kitchen Carts To Tiles & Kitchen Aesthetics

Kitchen carts are a convenient and inexpensive way to create additional storage space and add a touch for your kitchen. Jars, bottled spice, stray cutleries, kitchen towels, and crockery – these are all items that are taking up precious space in your kitchen when you could be dealing with them with this one simple addition.

With so many types to choose from, here are some of our suggestions on how you can get the right kitchen cart that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen:

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Material – Metal, Wood or Platic?

Metal, wood, or plastic? While metal (typically steel powder coating on another material) tends to offer an industrial vibe, wood fits right into country- and vintage-themed kitchens, and polypropylene plastic is right at home in most contemporary households – and is lightweight to boot!

While this may be ultimately a question of personal preference, our advice is to match your kitchen cart material to your flooring. Metal carts in dark colours generally look fantastic on marble, concrete or stone effect floors like Cementous and SV Stone 2.0, while lighter shades of it are great for sand effect surfaces like Sonosand.

If you have wood effect flooring like Timber or Duke, you could very easily match it with a wooden kitchen cart; but depending on the shade of your floor, you could also consider classy polypropylene plastic kitchen carts that sport a complementary shade.

Closed vs Open Kitchen Carts

While some kitchen carts are exactly what they sound like – racks that you can move – there are others that look like someone affixed wheels to the bottom of a cabinet and left it at that. Aesthetics-wise, closed kitchen carts tend to work better spaces with brighter shades, like those found on Murale’s eclectic shades of grey, while open kitchen carts work better for spaces with darker shades, like those on Yura’s Foggy or Tobacco colour variants.

Ultimately, we feel that this comes down to a question of lifestyle: open kitchen carts are great for smaller spaces and aren’t as intrusive but require care in the arrangement of its items to preserve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Closed kitchen carts, on the other hand, are superb for larger kitchens and are generally safer for households with young children.

Top Surface of Your Kitchen Cart

You would find that most of the time, the top surface of your kitchen cart can be a totally different material from the rest of the cart: stainless steel tops on wooden carts and wooden tops on steel powder coating carts are common, but you can also easily find ones with granite and marble tops.

There’s no right answer on which is best – pick whichever best fits your kitchen’s theme and shade! But keep in mind that stainless steel and marble tops are generally easier to clean than granite and wooden tops.

While you’re looking at kitchen surfaces that make a statement, consider our Vogue Grande or Natural & Abstract series for our extra-large tiles that are perfect for elegant and mesmerising counter tops.

Damage Resistant

As a final note, be mindful of how much weight you’re putting on your cart! Heavy kitchen carts with stuck wheels can damage your flooring and leave unsightly groove marks across the surface – you may want to opt for a kitchen island instead. Whichever you choose, you may want to make sure that your floor is also scratch- and damage-resistant.

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