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Maximising the Use of Excess Tiles

Maximising the Use of Excess Tiles

Tiles, Tiles & Tiles | Still sitting in the storage, in the backyard, or in a corner of your car porch? Why not bring the best out of them and lighten up your home? From the smallest sized leftover from cut tiles to the largest tile purchased to cater for wastages, let your creativity spark!

Tile Coasters

Marble-designed tiles deserve a second chance to dazzle. With simple accessories like a few pieces of cork cut to fit at the bottom of the tile piece and self-adhesive sheets or glue and a few appealing pieces of tiles in size of 10cmx10cm, they can be created into tile coasters. The elegant and timeless marble tile pieces make an ideal set of homewares or gifts to impress.

Serving Tray

To match the sets of tile coasters that you have just created, a serving tray made with a bigger-sized tile piece will complete your serving essentials set. A standard size of 30cmx60cm piece of tile, two pieces of cabinet door handles, screws and fasteners, a screw gun, and a hole puncher will deliver the kitchen art piece that enhances the exquisiteness of food or beverage being served. Tiles are resistant to water and stains thus, the beauty of the art pieces is easily maintained.

Bedside Table

Besides having homewares for the kitchen, accessorizing your room with excess tiles is an interesting alternative. With marble or terrazzo-designed tiles, they can be used as the top of a bedside table. You can attach it onto metal pieces as the entire tabletop or decorate your existing bedside tabletop by laying it on top. These stunning pieces will surely elevate the homey hues in your bedroom!


A terrarium can be an extremely functional piece. It can be used as a brush or pencil holder, candle holder, or as an indoor or outdoor plant pot. Terrariums can be easily made by soldering the side of tiles and edges together with copper tapes. Terrariums are definitely trending pieces of art that will light up your home.

Potting Bench

Wondering how to reuse odd sizes of wood tiles? A potting bench is one of the best options for putting them into good use. Most porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable and are able to withstand weights as long as they have good support at the sides and, they are ideal materials for outdoor accessories as they can withstand weather and rain. A potting bench can be created by just having blocks of cement, wood, or steel structure to pile the tile pieces on. Compartment bases are also good ideas that can be created with small shelving units.

Landscape Garden

Loose pieces of large tiles with structured surfaces are useful outdoor pavements in landscaped gardens as they tend to have sufficient friction and are less slippery on rainy days. Using tiles in your landscape garden is just as simple as placing them anywhere in your garden or making a trail or walkway to the patio or seating area. Stone or cement-designed tiles are great choices to shape a natural-looking trail that acts as a stress-free leisure space.

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