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Modern Heritage Design: How to Embrace the Old with the New

Modern Heritage Design: How to Embrace the Old with the New 

In the world of interior design, the modern heritage style has emerged as one of the newer trends that embraces the combination of the past with the present. Drawing inspiration from historical architectural elements, traditions, and aesthetics while infusing a contemporary twist into the setting, the result is a fusion of old-timey charm with modern sophistication. 

The design-savvy reader might wonder how this differs from the vintage style, which also adopts the motifs of yesteryears and updates them for the modern age, typically with an eye on functional improvements while leaving the aesthetics largely untouched. Here’s our take on the differences between modern heritage style and vintage style: 

Modern Heritage Style  Vintage Style 
A modern interpretation of historical elements  A recreation of the past to evoke nostalgia 
Focus on fresh and timeless looks  Focus on historical authenticity 
Embracing tradition but not confined by it  Focusing on honouring a specific era in history  

Of course, tiles have been around for thousands of years, which is what allows them to blend in with any design style. This is no different when approaching the modern heritage style: with their wide array of colours, patterns, and textures, tiles are one of the important building blocks for exploring this unique style. 

Some tiles that feel right at home with the modern heritage style include:

Cement design tiles 

Versatile and timeless, cement design tiles like Cementum by Niro Granite align seamlessly with the principles of modern heritage design and can be used throughout any space.

Subway tiles 

With classic subway tiles such as Transformz by Muzze Da, you can get a timeless look that can be customised with colour choices and patterns to fit modern heritage interiors. 

Marble and natural stone design tiles 

The elegance of marble and natural stone have been appreciated since time immemorial, and so adding tiles with these designs like Natural & Abstract also tend to add a touch of luxury. 

Due to its inherent charm and focus on individual identity, modern heritage style tends to integrate quite naturally into residential spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. But there are commercial spaces that have also adopted the modern heritage style to great effect, such as restaurants, boutique hotels, and retail stores! 

More than just the next big trend, the modern heritage style celebrates the enduring allure of classic aesthetics and the adaptability of tradition. You too can embody the perfect blend of the past and the present in your design by thoughtfully integrating tiles into your design. 

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