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Most Popular Tile Laying Patterns Explained

Most Popular Tile Laying Patterns Explained

Laying tiles in different patterns and configurations can enhance the artistic qualities of a space. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular tile laying patterns.

1. The Herringbone

This pattern forms a continuous wave of “V”s on the floor or the wall. Using this pattern on a backsplash is ideal to draw focus to the wall. The herringbone pattern is also an elegant way to expand a small room visually as it creates the illusion of more width. Do take note that the pattern is best laid with neutral colour tiles in a narrow hallway or small rooms, but can be too busy for a large room.

2. Geometric Pattern

The geometric pattern can be set in any order of repeating or alternating the shapes like a wallpaper. This design is usually done to create a focal point or to create a cohesive design. As a floor tile laying pattern, a mid-hallway area is turned into a focus area instead of just a long hallway adjoining two rooms. When used on a wall, the geometric pattern creates a dramatic dimensional design in the room creating a stylish effect to an otherwise dull looking room.

3. Stack Bond

Tiles are laid straight on top of one another as opposed to the traditional brick pattern. This is a retro-style that we can usually find in the 50s and 60s interiors. It can produce the elongated effect on spaces like low ceiling rooms.

4. Brick Lay Pattern

The brick lay or staggered brick pattern has each tile laid one third below the length of the tile below it. Wood-look tiles are often installed using this layout to mimic the original and natural look of wood planks used to build ancient wooden houses. The brick lay is also a great way of hiding imperfections like crooked walls as the offset grout lines make it difficult for the eyes to spot imperfections.

5. Checkerboard

By forming a grid and alternating between black and white tiles, such as GNB35 Lavish White and GNB36 Laurent Black from our Vogue Grande series, a pleasing checkerboard pattern can be created that calls back to Renaissance-era palaces. Famously, the Queen’s Staircase at Versailles sports this pattern, which is how it became synonymous with opulence and high society.

6. Diamond Checkerboard

Just like the checkerboard, but turned 45 degrees – the diamond checkerboard tile laying pattern is yet another choice that is simple to achieve yet yields impressive results! Our Lux 4.0 series is another great choice for alternating black and white tiles that are sure to wow your visitors.

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